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  1. No I didn't get the nav, the back up monitor was a stand alone option that listed for 350.00 I think. When we agreed on the price my options were Premium Pkg, Heated seats and the backup monitor. FWIW: When I bought my (new) 09RX350, I was told the camera came with the nav. package, but was unavailable otherwise. I have since had (rear) parking sensors installed. They work fine, indicate the distance (in inches) to contact quite accurately, and cost $190 incl. install. The parking sensors that you had instaled...were they Lexus or after market. Lexus dealer do the install? As I orde
  2. You don't have two fobs? Yes have the two fobs but dont like toting both of them around.
  3. You don't have two fobs? Yes have the two fobs but dont like toting both of them around.
  4. Looks like your RX is a pre 2010 model, no plug on the 2010's like that.
  5. Thought of doing that and putting the second somewhere in the opening beneath the console. At least it would have to lay over the top of the entire console as it goes to the windshield area.
  6. Went to hook up my GPS in my 2010 RX, really surprised and disappointed there are no 12 volt power points close to the upper dash area. Closest one is at the bottom of the arm rest comsole. Long, in the way cord to run from ther up to the dash. Lottle more thought here would have been nice.
  7. Not too sold on the keyless emtry system. Would really like the key and remote like I had with my 2005 model. Wifes drives it most of the time and usually has the key in her purse. She gets out of the car and if she doesnt leave the key with me, I'd better not forget adn shut the car off. Little too high tech for me.
  8. Was wondering if anyone here has found a way to disable the seatbelt chime in the 2010 RX. Do wear the thing but sometimes have short get in and get out trips in the car. Thanks
  9. Purchasing a 2010 RX and getting rid of my 2005. Like the looks of the 2010 but really miss the side door moldings. Does anyone know if Lexus makes a color matched side molding for the 2010 models? Thanks
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