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  1. Lexus and most other vehicle manufacturers have stopped offering chrome wheels due to the numerous customer complaints, especially leaking. A full polish aluminum wheel is as good looking as any chrome wheel without all the problems and easy to maintain too. Try Fikse wheels.
  2. Your vehicle may run OK on lower octane fuel and as long as there is no knocking it should not hurt the engine. However, power output and efficiency in one way or another is lower with the lower octane. The refining process is the key factor in achieving octane rating, detergent additives and octane booster are added to meet rating listed on the pump. One of the advantages of Sunoco 94 is better refining which reduces need for octane booster and a premium detergent additive to keep injectors and intake valves cleaner. No matter what octane you use, fuel injector cleaner added every 5,000 miles will keep the injectors clean and operating efficiently. FYI: Most fuel stations have two tanks (high & low) and what comes out of the pump is a blend. Ethanol blended fuels have a reduced energy content, your bang for your buck is less. Ethanol may be green but it's a green gimmick.
  3. Have 2010 RX350 with 18,000 km and experiencing intermittent very foul smell from HVAC system. The dealer says it could be mould on the evaporator or the evaporator drain is clogged or both. Smell doesn't start until RX is at operating temperature. Auto sensing mode that is supposed to detect harmful substances in outside air does switch to re-circulation mode but only reduces odor. Smell can be so bad that I have to turn off HVAC and open the windows. Lexus USA has issued a TISB L-SB-0068-09 dated June 2,2009 which does cover the change of evaporator sub-assembly on 2007-2009 RX350. I've been told that 2010 RX350 has same evaporator as 2009 RX350 but haven't been able to confirm it. All RX350's for past 3 or 4 model years have been made in Canada and all major components are same for RX350 sold in both countries. For some reason Lexus Canada doesn't like to acknowledge Lexus USA TSIB even with all RX350's being built in Canada. It's been 4 weeks and dealer and Lexus haven't decided on remedy. Not what you expect from Lexus.