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  1. My 2013 RX350 has the Nav package. When I connect my iPod, I noticed that audiobooks seem to run at triple speed. I asked my dealer about this a couple of tie, but he never got back to me. Has anyone experienced the same thing and might know what to do? Also, I noticed that the Owner's Manual has the official Made for iPod / iPhone logo. I'm unsure why it has this designation. When I run my iPod, the experience isn't the same as having fully compatible iPod playing features. The interface still acts like a generic USB player. So far, the only improvement I've found is that lists now ha
  2. Hi, I recently turned in my 2010 RX350 for a RX 350 2013. As a present, a friend got me one of those in car iPad holders. it's on a gooseneck stand and the bottom is made to slip under a loosened front seat bolt on the passenger seat that's then tightened. I don't see a standard bolt though on the RX350 front passenger seat. Has anyone performed this kind of install or maybe know where I could find the directions? Thanks!
  3. I've had mine referred to as "soccer mom" car. That answer to that is that there's no 3rd row of seats; which was one of buying points. Oh, and by the way; !Removed! male here.
  4. This topic has probably discussed ad-nauseam, but it's been a while since I've checked: Any chance that Lexus will come up with an update for their sound systems that will have full "made for iPod" compatibility" instead of just a USB player interface? I've had my Lexus RX350 for exactly 2 years. I'm still extremely happy with it in all respects, except for the lack of complete control when I have a iPod connected. Are any Lexus audio engineers, customer service managers out there listening? Thanks!
  5. Deep down, I'm thinking the folks who engineered the ipod controls were looking more at playing music from generic folders on a USB device, not necessarily an iPod (I've noticed that the materials don't display the "made for iPod / iPhone" logo - means they haven't gotten the stamp of approval from Apple that they followed the specs.. This is pretty disappointing for a luxury car that is perfect in just about every other way. My dealer is going to callme during the week to see if they've found out anything. Thanks
  6. Has anyone heard from their dealer about changes/upgrades for the iPod control unit? I spoke with a service manager at my dealer back in mid-June. He said that some new deliveries were coming with updated iPod control units, but it was undetermined if these would be made available as a replacement for current owners. The whole slow scrolling, select whatever album/song the cursor happens to stop on is still very annoying. Thanks
  7. Well, so far I've emailed my sales rep, called the toll-free service line (they've clearly heard of this from several people, but won't make any comments on if/when a fix might be coming) and most recently sent a detailed email to the local dealer service email (after they sent me a welcome email as a new owner). Overall, the issue with iPod is very annoying, especially with the big deal about the re-design, mouse managed features and the fact it's the best selling luxury cross-over available. I even looked at some of the 3rd party installable devices, but why should I have to pay more to fi
  8. Hmmm? No comments on this? I called my dealer and they looked at it...said they had no idea how to turn off the automatic selection of an item at the top the list. I suggested they pass it along to their audio engineers and make a firmware update available to change these settings. For anyone who uses an iPod regularly, the auto-selection feature on the Lexus NAV system is pretty counter-intuitive to the way iPods function (especially given the large market of iPod compatible car audio systems that don't have this auto-select feature). Other than that though, I'm loving my new RX 350!
  9. Any opinions on this? In my last car (99 v6 mustang - ran great for 11 years), I used 89 octane, and used Exxon 99.9% of the entire time I drove it. The one time I decided try to gas from one of the big box warehouse stores, it knocked and pinged until I got Exxon back in it. I figure my RX 350 engine should be in a different class from a Ford Mustang, but wanted to see what opinions are out there. I know the manual recommends 93. Thanks!
  10. You can buy a Lexus extended warranty from this guy Troy for about 30 to 40% off what the dealer will charge you and it is the same warranty, but like others have said, I would wait until right before the bumper to bumper warranty runs out. Any information on this company (reviews, business ratings, etc?) I've heard that buying warrantees from anyone other than the manufacturer can be frought with perils, even if the price is good.
  11. Just another reason I'm glad I bought this car! '10 RX 350, NAV/Comfort/Premium packages - Mica Matador Red :)
  12. I just took delivery yesterday on a brand new Lexus 350 with Navigation. I did a lot of research on the luxury crossovers, but the RX350 kept topping all the others for my needs/wants. One thing that bothers me: I noticed that whenever I have a song playing and I attempt to scroll through other songs, the systems switches to whatever song is at the top of the list (the only time this doesn't happen is when I first select the playlist/album/genre/etc tabs before I start scrolling). Is there a way to turn this method of browsing off or is it just the way interface works? It's a bit annoying
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