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  1. This just happened to me... I was able to open it by pulling the release metioned behinf the First Aid Kit...but pull it back and don't let go. Then use your other hand to pull the gas door open manually (or use your key or something softer to flip the door open.) BUT...before doing this, be aware that a spring and a small piece of broken plastic will fall on to the ground. Recover them. The spring is a v shapped item. The broken piece of plastic is what held it in place and allowed the spring to 'pop' the door open when you pull either release. I am planning on figuring out a way to remou
  2. Thanks for the advice... Part from dealer was $67. I checked with these guys, , and they had a no-name for $7 and WIX for $22. I went with the WIX (Part # 33319). Installed. Good opportunity to clean up a little rust on the fuel line...nothing serious. Didn't need to replace anything else. Hopefully, it willsolve some of the intermittent sputting of the engine (like once every few months). Sometimes ya gotta start with the cheap and easy 'fix'. Fingers crossed. Thanks again!
  3. Not sure that it does...other symptoms I won't get into here.
  4. OR... Does any one have a recommendation for a non-Toyota brand at a better price? Quality matters. (If you suggest FRAM...I won't laugh :- p
  5. Hi folks, I have 1990 LS400. Want to change the original fuel filter. Have part # 23300-50020 from tutorial. (Also, have seen # 23300-50060 listed in other tutorials.) They have it at my local Lexus dealer for $60. Tried the Toyota dealer, but nothing comes up under that number. Spend 30 minutes looking thru fourm and on net for a equivalent 'Toyota' part number...but noy joy. Can I get this part @ a Toyota dealer cheaper? Does anyone know the equivalent part number? Thanks... -Bill
  6. Go to There are a couple tutorials there that should guide you... Take some pics and share if you can...good luck! -Bill
  7. Searched but couldn't find any reference to this... When I turn off the car and pull out the key I notice that the metal part is quite hot. Been that as long as I can remember. But...listening to a caller on Car Talk (had a Subaru Forrester)...Click and Clack said she had a problem. I always assumed (bad idea) that the key was completing a circuit and this was just resistive heating...part of the theft deterrent system. I hate electrical problems (hard to diagnose, and usually expensive)...but if there's an issue I want to know! Thanks in advance... -Bill
  8. Bearings or drive train??? Could you put a finer point on it?
  9. 1990 LS400 214k+ miles I have noticed that during the past few months I have had a hard 'clunk' when putting the car into reverse after starting up (high idle). If the car is warmed up (low idle) and I put it in reverse then it's smooth. I do not have any detectable problems going into any other gears at high or low idle. I drain and fill transmission oil (no flush!), only use T-IV, and have had the issue before and after the latest drain/fill. The level is correct. So...Transmission issue? Worn support? Drive shaft/bearings? (Yes, I looked at other postings, but didn't find same issue w
  10. Hey... Hope you are still liking your ride. That's great you found a nice many miles? I have a 90...~210000. She's in better shape than a lot of ones I see out there, but there are a few things the old girl could use. Seats are not too bad. I have a gray interior. They have the best reputation for keeping their looks. (Tan is terrible.) I came across this link. I looked over the website...looks like they might be worth checking out. Please keep us up to date on what you find out there...its all about sharing info! Cheers! -Bill
  11. I park the car. Turn off the car. 30-60 seconds later there is a short (like taping on the steering wheel)"toot" of a horn coming from the rear of the car. At least that is what it sounds like this. Actually, it sounds more like a horn on an American car than a Japanese car...but it is very short. I am not crazy. But that may change! Help!
  12. First I lost the screw off my Master key. Now I lost the battery from the key (actually, someone else did...I should have warned them that the rubber band on the key was there for a reason.) So...can anybody help me out and tell me what size battery I need to get? Thanks! -Bill (Yeah...I would love to get another master key...but 250 bucks!?!?!?!)
  13. Don't have any personal experience with them but.... they are giving gifts for referrals. Flat screen TV's, DVD's, MP3's, Father's day BBQ grill. Why would they have to do that if they had a good rep? Red flags are popping up all over. :o Quite an entertaining site otherwise. :whistles: They do, however, have a "recommend" from Click'n'Clack readers..... Thanks for the input...hadn't thought about it as "red flags". But now you got my worried! I had my car inspected there (free)...just to get a feel. They took me on a test ride. I was a
  14. I assume I know that it can't be done...but a few people told me that they though it could be done with the car up on a lift, the right tools, and some patience/experience. Anybody???
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