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  1. Can you send me a copy of the Manual also please I'd really appreciate it if you'd email me the link as well alikhan20035@yahoo.com Thanks In Advance
  2. Thx for the reply people...Im going to do a transmission flush using the Toyota ATF+4 fluid that djspawn mentioned. Thx again guys.
  3. Hi I have a 1999 Lexus GS400 with 110,000 miles on it and my transmission recently started jerking while switching from first gear to the second gear. But this does not happen all the time after driving the car for about 10 minuets the transmission starts to switch perfectly. First I thought its because I am not warming up the car enough but I do warm up my car for about 10 minutes but it still jerks from first gear to the second gear but after 10 minuets of driving it doesn't give me any problems. I also checked the transmission fluid but that also looks good so what could be the problem? Is my transmission going bad?
  4. Thanks for replying dcfish....any one else out there that know the color code for and 1999 gs400 stereo to install a aftermarket stereo without an harness
  5. Please be more specific, Is the harness cut ? etc... Yes the harness is cut and I am installing a after market stereo. Also I have the premium stereo not the Nakamichi.
  6. Hi I need a stereo wiring for an 1999 Lexus GS400.
  7. Hi I looking for an GS400 Premium Stereo Harness. Where can I buy it from?
  8. I AM HAVING A SIMILAR PROBLEM WITH MY 1998 GS300 124K MILES. BUT MY PROBLEM IS INTERMITTENT DOESNT HAPPEN ALL THE TIME. BUT WHEN IT DOES IM LIKE WHAT DA F*#K. I STILL HAVENT FIGURE OUT WHAT IT IS BUT I BELIEVE MY CALIPERS ARE LOCKING UP ON THE ROTORS(FRONT). YOU CAN JACK UP YOUR FRONT AND SPIN THE WHEEL AND CHECK FOR RESISTANCE. Thanks for the reply I saw your post and decided to post my problem up also because it sounds similar to the problem I have but I believe its the rack and pinion in my car but lets see whats happens. I will raise up the car and check it out by doing what you told me to do.
  9. Hi I have a 1999 GS400 and the window switches came loose and fell inside the door panel so how do I remove the driver side door panel?
  10. Hi I have a 1999 GS400 with 100,000 miles and it makes a noise from the front of the car when I turn either left or right also it makes noise when I go over bumps or when I turn while reversing or when I turn when I put the car on drive it also makes the same noise when I am parked in a steep drive way and I put the car in either drive or reverse. The noise is like a metal knocking, bending and cracking type of noise. My brother looked at the car and said its the rack and pinion but I think its the control arm but what do you guys think. Keep in mind the noise comes from both sides of the car the left and right when I turn.
  11. Hi I have a 1999 GS 400 and my left tail light bulb has burned out....So I opened the trunk and looked at the light fixture and I dont see any thing on how to change the bulb all I see is a single wire thats going to the tail light. It seem like there is a metal piece between the light fixture. So can any one tell me on how to change the tail light brake bulb??
  12. Do you need the wiring harness to install a stock cd player ? No I want to install a aftermarket indash dvd/navi player the pioneer avic-n2. So I need the harness so I dont have to cut any of my wires. Do you know which one I need I have the stock Lexus premium sound system, I dont have the nakamichi.
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