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2022 NX Line Discussion

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  • 3 months later...

Which NX is a better choice for the money - the NX 450h hybrid, or the NX 450h+ Plug-in hybrid?

The h+ costs roughly 11 to 15 thousand dollars more due to the addition of the added battery pack.  The h weighs in at 4,475 lb which is 364 lb lighter than the h+.

So the h+ when driven without charging from a charging port gets poorer gas milage than the hybrid due to the extra weight.

The h+ battery holds the equivalent of one gallon of gasoline, since it will go 37 miles on a charge and would get 37 MPG if the battery was not charged and the engine was used instead.

A Level 1 charger (typical in a garage with a 110V wall outlet) will replenish your EV’s battery with about 4 to 5 miles range per hour, or 10 hours to complete the job.  I estimate that at 1200 Watts draw, the electricity will cost about $1.20 and will replace a gallon of $3.75 Premium gas for a net saving of $2.55 a day, when used.  But, that kind of power usage daily will push me into a higher utility rate for electricity.

And the most you can save on a commute is a gallon of gas because you can’t charge the h+ on the way to work.  So if you have to drive more than 18 miles oneway to work, the remainder of the difference is running at about 37 MPG / engine only where as the h is getting better MPG cause it is lighter.

And will it effect my homeowners insurance rates due to the inclusion of a bigger hybrid pack?  I’d have to ask the agent.

I’d require a 135 degree, Rate-of-Rise Temperature detector above the vehicle tied to a contact close on a wireless sender to the Alarm system and programmed to the Fire port to dial the Fire Dept. in case the battery pack overheats and burns.  Parts cost only is about $100 if you DIY and already have an alarm system.

Finally, I have a hard time believing that someone would pay about 14000 more for basically the same functional packages and then mess with plugging and unplugging it constantly, just to save a few dollars a day just to make up for the higher car payment.  Penny wise and pound foolish?

Conclusion: If a slightly faster Quarter mile is what I absolutely got to have, then the h+ (if it ever gets here) would be the logical pick.

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We've been enjoying our 450h+.  In the nearly 2.5 months we've had it, we're averaging well over 80MPG - and with gas prices as they are it's been really great.   

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Just jumping from an RX 350 to a ES300h, (same sticker price) my car insurance went up 25%.  The agent then closed by saying "Have a nice day", LOL!.

That alone killed a bunch of MPG gains going from 22 MPG city to 43.

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Ugh, insurance is such a scam!  

That said, sometimes it's more than just dollars... although fewer dollars and fewer emissions would be ideal!

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They still owe me a breakdown to justify the increase. I'm expecting that next week.  I suspect they will say repair costs are higher due to three motor generators, an Inverter, and big Hybrid battery.  All else being the same.  Thanks, Dave.

If my RX or the ES are totaled out, the cost of replacing either one is exactly the same.


If it is heavy damage, the Hybrid will be more expensive to repair, I suspect.

I'll also request a bid for an RX450h+ and a Rav4 Prime.  That should tell us the full story.

Another pre-sold ES300h came in today in HSV and I got to sit in one finally. Yes, now I can reach the center display without leaning forward.

My 300h is only 3 serial #s from the one that just arrived here.  So I expect I'll be taking delivery next week in Birmingham.

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My sister is buying a 2019 ES300h. She and husband took it for a long ride and both love it. The dealership had three - two 2019s, and a 2021 luxury that was close to $50k.

Years ago when I had a 1968 Corvette, I asked my insurance agent how much my insurance would be for a new 2001 Corvette ($52.5K out the door). She told me that it would be less costly to insure than my 68. Apparently, the 2001 had far more safety features. Certainly, insurance companies are all about data and risk. Those who live in Los Angeles pay far more than those living in San Diego, all other things being equal.

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Sound like they hold their value a little better now.

My agent called me this afternoon.  He did a comparison.

ES-350 Luxury is 46k vs. 52k for an ES300h. An additional 6k to add Hybrid drive to the same vehicle style.  The hybrid adds 13% to the cost.

ES300h ins was a $150 increase vs. $34 increase for the ES350.


Agent claims that the Hybrid costs more to insure than the ES 350.

With gas near 5 a gallon, it’s still possible that the hybrid will pay its own way.  But no more turning off the RX at long lights and gridlock traffic. We can even go thru the drive-thru again, without looking like gas hogs.

I swear I have never gone thru a drive-thru in an RX.  And I’m not even a Global Warming junkie.

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