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Peformance Mods

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lowering springs and struts

a short pipe air intake

strut bar

sway bars

drilled and slotted rotors

any muffler can be put on

a good performance shop can custom make a cold air intake

( much better than a short pipe which is actually bad )


and of course NOS

i think that is it

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skp, I have a posting about my 01' ES for a stb with the factory AVS suspension. First off, can I do it withoug !Removed! the system up? second, can I get the bar in Canada or is it something I should order from the states? If I can get it in Canada, please tell me where, what kind of bar, website, etc. Many thanks in advance!


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Where in the GTA would you suggest I try & find the stb? Is it just the TRD Solara bar that would fit or are there some "aftermarket" ones out there? Give me a list of stb's & places I should call if possible.......the only one that comes to mind is Performance Improvements, but they deal mostly with muscle American cars. They had very little in the way of stuff for my old Maxima so I think they would have even less for the Lexus. :unsure: Any help is much appreciated.


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