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Ugh! We all get them. Now that nearly everybody has dropped Ma Bell type phone service and gone cellular so have the robo calls. Some phones let you block them. But if you are expecting the Maytag man to call from a strange number saying he's enroute or your kids borrow phones from friends because they forgot to charge theirs……it's not always practical to block those unfamiliar numbers. 

So today (while expecting a call from a delivery service) I saw on my ID a familiar looking number so I answered it. Turns out it was an auto insurance sales call.

He starts out "so I see you have auto insurance and I can save you money". Most hang up at that point. My reply was "sir I do not own a car"… to which he replies well I suppose you don't need insurance". I was surprised at how he kept his composure so I said "well hang on a second, can you insure my shoes to cover me accidently collideing my foot against somebodys butt?" He said "of course not" so I asked "can you provide me collision insurance for my bicycle in case I smash into a parked car while intoxicated?" 

By then he was ready to hang up on me instead of the other way around. 


How do you handle robo calls? 

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I tell the kids to leave a message because I don't normally answer calls from numbers I don't know. 

I remember as a kid (170 something) my nearly deaf dad would let the phone ring. My mom while busy doing something would say "answer the phone, would you?" He'd say "it's just a salesman"……frustrated she'd answer it only to discover he was correct. 


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