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  1. Planning to get a new set of all-terrain tires for my 2013 Lexus GX 460. I've read good reviews about Toyo All Terrain tires, particularly their Open Country A/T III. Is it worth the money? Any other suggestions? I was supposed to go for a Hankook Dynapro tires but a friend told me about Toyo so I cancelled my original plan.
  2. Did you just replace the rims with a new one? Or were you able to find the missing hubcaps?
  3. The Eibach Pro-Lift Kit offers a suspension lift kit for 2008 GX470. I guess you already had one installed by now.
  4. Husky Mats are also highly recommended.
  5. Thanks for your sharing this. I will definitely check out the site you have recommended.
  6. You can create a separate thread for this.
  7. A friend of mine from Tampa had his wrap done at Tampa Auto Wraps.
  8. I use windex to clean the headlight covers on my GX.
  9. The tire size you mentioned are too small. The ideal tire sizes for a 2008 Rx400h are either a 225-65-17 or 235-55-18. Check out 4wheelonline for affordable wheel and tire packages.
  10. Were you able to find Gen II RX 350?
  11. My old tires sucked so I am planning to buy a new set, ASAP. A friend told me to check out the Hankook Dynapro HP2 A/S tires. Is it any good?
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