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Has anyone found either (1) a trunk-mounted bike rack for the UX, or (2) a trailer hitch receiver that will fit the UX?

When I bought the UX this year, it never occurred to me that you couldn’t put a bike rack on it! My Thule trunk-mounted rack that worked just fine on my CT200h won’t fit the UX. I checked the websites for Thule, Yakima, and Saris, and they have no compatible trunk-mounted racks. I think it’s because the rear hatch opening is so high. My preference would be a hitch mounted rack, but I can’t find a trailer hitch for it, either. U-Haul’s website says I would have to bring my car to Tempe, AZ to have one custom-made. As I live on the east coast, that is not practical. 
I could get the factory cross bars and then install a roof mounted bike rack. But I’m short and don’t have a lot of upper body strength, so I can’t lift a bike on top of the car. 
Has anyone successfully solved the problem of transporting bikes with the UX? 

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You could probably have a receiver hitch fabricated without going to Arizona to have it done.  Some full service trailer supply companies fabricate receiver hitches.  There's one near me here in the Kansas City area and you might find one or more where you live if you check around.


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