Which Tire Brand and Size to buy and from which store ?

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Is 235 55 R17 tire ok for Lexus ES350 2010 ? Standard tire is 215 55 R17. Also which brand is better and which store is best ?

I am mostly in Houston TX so high temperature and rain ..mostly city highways ...



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The only way to know for sure if a 235 will fit and clear the shock tower lower spring mount, is to try fitting one on the car and turning the steering lock to lock. I'd be more inclined to think the 225 would clear, but a 235 ... ?

As far as the best place and tire to use, go online to Tire, input your car model and year and see what they come up with. Every tire is rated as to wear, noise, grip in rain, etc. They have dozens of makes and models to choose from, and almost every tire has many customer reviews to help you make a choice. They'll ship the tires to a tire shop near you, or you can use the info and find your own tire shop to purchase and mount them.

They are as good as any place you'll find.

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I have MIcheliin Defenders on my RX400h and my Ford F150 truck, best tire I have ever used.   

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    • By Greta
      So I shopped for tires (P235/55R19) over the weekend and received conflicting information from various tire shops.  I prefer to stick with Michelins but am not opposed to other recommendations.  However, the information I received over the weekend was specifically related to Michelins.  I used to have a 2001 RX300 Silversport and had about 4 sets of Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires over the life of the vehicle while in my possession.  Those tires were great for treadwear.  So, should I stick with the Defender LTX MS for the 2015 RX350 or should I go with a different Michelin or a different tire all together?  The other Michelin choices are the Premier LTX, Latitude Tour HP, and Primacy MXM4.  Thank you for your help & recommendations. 
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      I have a 2015 ES350 with 8,500 miles, but a strong, chemical odor in the cabin. The Lexus dealer said to have it detailed and change the cabin air filter, which did not help. I had the carpet and sound insulation replaced (~$2500) and put an ozone machine in the car for a week.  The odor is clearly coming from the seats. I left it in the garage for two weeks without cranking, and now the garage smells like that chemical, so it doesn't appear to be related to the A/C or engine. The Lexus dealer looked at it three times and said to contact corporate to get a field engineer inspection. Lexus Corporate said it was not covered under warranty (I have the 6-year extended), and that they could not help me. They suggested I try a different dealer. I can't be the first person with this problem. Any ideas? Thanks!
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      I am a new member living in Alabama with a 2008 ES350 that has 57,150 miles. I purchased a set of expensive Michelin Defender's just a 3 years ago and only got 10,000 miles out of them. I am again in the market for tires an am in need of your help. My Lexus is in great shape. It only requires gas and oil changes. There are no problems and it is well cared for. It has never been in an accident and I'm not wearing out the brakes so there is no reason for the excessive wear on the tires other than they did not live up to the 90,000 mile promise. Can you recommend the best tire for my Lexus?
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      I recently purchased a ES350 in Vancouver (I am a Canadian here) but I've noticed that there are condensations and fogginess in both the headlamps and the tail lamps. When I bought the car from the dealership, they repeatedly told me that this is normal. But I have found that the condensations in the lamps seem to get worse over the past week. I really don't think that this is normal at all. I am a girl and this is my first time buying a car. I've done the homework and research on cars but I am still very lacking. The condensations seem to be an issue for the RX350 as suggested online. If anyone could please help clarify this lamp condensation problem a little for me I would really really appreciate it. Thank you in advance!!!

    • By Mama K
      I've lurked this site for a number of years, so I guess it's time I became an official member.  I bought my '07 ES350 new in '06 and it's been a great car....I plan on hanging onto her as long as I can.  She has the original rims, which are now leaking like a sieve in the cold weather.  I had no problems with tire leakage until I bought the first set of replacement tires, but ever since it's been a constant battle having the wheels "cleaned" and "sealed" at the tire shop.  I need to purchase a set of replacement rims but am undecided where to buy, what brand, how much I need to spend and all.  She's black, so I think silver or chrome would look the best. I have OEM 215/55R17 tires.  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
      (If the old rims are not out-of-round and just need a GOOD refinishing, I'll likely keep them on hand as an extra set.)