Spare tire stuck in trunk and Stranded on highway

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So I got a flat tire on my 1995 ls400. I'm trying to pull out the spare tire but it's held in place by this black knob. It looks like it can be turned but I've been trying to turn it with tools for an hour but it's barely budged. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll try to post a picture.




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Hi Diego.

The big black knob should come off by turning it counter clockwise. A hammer and screwdriver should get it started..... put the screwdriver against the notch on the nob and then hit the screwdriver on the handle.

From the look of the corrosion  on the rim, your black knob could be corroded to the screw bolt the knob screws onto. You need to figure out where all of the corrosion is coming from.


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