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1997 LS400 Idle Problems


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Let me start by saying this is my first post. I hope it is in the right section and that I don't step on anyone's toes. I may be able to help others in the future but my expertise is with 5S-FE and 3S-GTE engines. This is my second LS and the first to give me issues ever.


Ive owned my 1997 LS400 for about two years now but for the last year it has set up. I started it this morning with the help of a jump. It ran fine - took it to the car wash and washed it. I noticed the tensioner pulley was screaming pretty bad so I headed for home to fix it. I replaced it with a bit of trouble due to autozone's pulley not being exact. A washer solves the issue. I can post pics to show the fix on that for future member issues (if someone would show me where to do that - thanks). Anyway, that solved the issue but the battery was fully discharged so I had to jump it again.

Ever since then it tries to idle very low until the volts get dangerously low and it dies. I must hold my foot on the pedal to keep it rev'd. It shows 13.5v-14.25v if rev'd to 1k rpms. This is very strange because aside from the tensioner pulley it ran great earlier. Now that I fixed that it dies. I have checked the fuses under the hood and all seem fine. I'm very low on cash and this car must get me to work now or I'm screwed. I have like no friends in the Canton/Massilon Ohio area as I'm not from here. Any help would be amazing! Thank you

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I'm an idiot. I had forgotten this car has a working factory security system. After getting it home I kept the revs high enough to get a charge for about 20mins and then went inside to look for a thread like this one and eventually ended up making this thread. By the time I finished this the car had cooled down a bit. I hit the unlock out of reflex and it started right up and ran perfectly. After some maintenance and fluid changes I've been driving it for the last 24hrs with no issues. I just never hit the alarm - I jumped it and started right up.

Odd that it behaved the way it did. I'm used to my '94 Turbo Celica screaming like a banshee everytime I reconnect the battery or go to jump it.

thanks for the attempt at help BTW Exhaustgases. I suppose it's not a wasted thread as I read somewhere in the comments on YouTube last night someone else had a similar problem and spent $500 on an alternator and battery before he figured it out. Hopefully this thread will serve to help prevent that from happening to anyone here in the future.

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