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99 Ls400 Radio For Sale


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I am selling the radio from my 99 Ls400. The LCD is clear and it everything functions as it should. I have it listed for 50 dollars on eBay but would sell it to a member here for that price through PayPal. I will also be selling the CD changer that is above the glove box in that compartment. I believe it's a 5 CD changer. I'd be willing to sell it for 40. Also selling the stock amplifier as well For the car the original pioneer. All of the equipment worked perfect when I pulled it from my car. I no longer need them because I have a whole new head unit and amplifier. Let me know if you are interested in any of the parts. Hope everyone had a great thanks giving! Joel

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If you have installed an aftermarket radio, I say keep this one because when the time comes you sell the car the new owner might want the original one.

Looking back, I should have replaced the OEM Nakamichi in the similar 2000 LS400 I sold last year a lot sooner than I did. The inexpensive (< $500 total cost) Kenwood double-DIN that I had installed made the old car seem much more modern - great sound using the Nak amp and all the original speakers, 18 FM presets, built-in Pandora interface, first rate voice controlled Bluetooth hands free phone, XM radio for less than $50 more, support for backup camera and rear seat video screens, played movies from DVD, fully supported iPhone video, wireless Bluetooth audio streaming, USB and 3.5mm aux-in inputs .... and it didn't look like an aftermarket head unit. It looked like it could have been installed at the Lexus factory.

IMO, aftermarket audio is the way to go in these older cars.

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Oh yeah. When I got my double din and my jl audio jx 400/4 it brought the speakers to life! They're way way louder and sound way better. People who hear my system do not think I have the stock door speakers. Although the jl amp did cost 200 it was worth it.

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