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With the beautiful fall weather, leaves turning and swirling on the roads, I would like Lexus to add some new applications or filters to the Nav system. Things like this:

1. Longest route home

2. Windiest roads

3. Least traffic

4. Least traffic signals/signs

5. Most beautiful scenery

6. Least speed traps

etc....see if you can think of any others.


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Yesterday I drove from Central New York to Boston the entire way on Interstate 90 (NYS Thruway & Mass Pike). I decided to try my Lexus navigation system since I knew the route, just to see if it would steer me wrong as it has every time in the past.

Approaching Albany NY area from west, to get to the Mass Pike, you must divert to I-87 south to pick up the Mass Pike connector, something that has been there for decades, to get back to I-90 East. All signs to Mass Pike indicate this. As I approached Albany where I-90E to Albany and I-87S to Mass Pike splits and sure enough the navigation told me to stay left on I-90 East which is incorrect. Of course I took the route I knew was correct and as soon as I was on I-87S, the navigation said remain on current route.

Not sure how the navigation system can be so bad when even my ancient Garmin knows the correct routing.

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I can't tell from your incoherent rambling :unsure: which road you were on when "Approaching Albany NY area from west" but would taking I-90 still routed you to the Massachusetts Turnpike fairly efficiently? (I used to spend a lot of time in Albany on business.)

Navigation systems are advisory but will usually get you to your destination but not always the best or preferred way. If you know a better way or prefer a different way, then take it. You might want to look at the routing preferences in the nav settings and change them if needed.

The way navigation systems work, whether Garmin or Toyota/Lexus, they quickly adapt to the route you have taken after you ignore the nav's instructions. That's what your nav did.

Thanks. You reminded me that I need to get a nav update for my Sienna this week. Toyota/Lexus nav updates are available each November.

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Mine told me to turn the wrong way when I went to visit my daughter in SC. It was pouring rain and pitch dark and I had been driving for 10 hours. Thank God I had Googled a map and I knew it was telling me wrong. I pulled over and looked at my phone and got going right again. When I got to where her house was, it told me that my destination was on the right. There again, I had Googled her house and knew it was the last house in the cove. I pulled in the driveway of the house I thought it was and told Allison to come look and see if a car was in her driveway.

It helped me....but I never totally depend on one. I always Google a map before I go somewhere.

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Sense this application began, and ,partially still is, as a global military network, I have always felt it was kind of cool for the government to actually share something we paid for. (that came out more cynical then I expected.) All nav. vendors put out new information for download to update the maps and coordinates. Lexus seems to do it every two years or so. It is not Lexus that makes this program or updates.

When we travel we take along the Lexus nav, a Garmin with voice commands, and my wife's I Phone with it's GPS app. It is entertaining to listen to all three give three different routes. In the end all three will get you there BUT, they do not know anything about highway construction. If were depending on the GPS to note every little burp in the road your going to be sorely disappointed.

Denny, I am with you on the one habit the Lexus system has. That's the tendency to tell you the wrong side of the street or building when you reach your destination.


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