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Best Way To Remove Alternator On 2004 Rx330?

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I was wondering if anyone could give advice on removing an alternator for a 2004 RX330.

1) Specifically, once unbolted, does it come out from the top (and if so, what needs to be removed first?) or does the front passenger wheel need to be removed in order to jiggle it out from underneath the car, etc.?

2) What is the easiest and/or proper way to do it?

3) Also, once it's removed, is it recommended to replace any belts (if so, which one(s)?).

4) Any other maintenance to do while it's off?

We had to bring it in to a Lexus certified repair shop to have some work done on it a couple of years ago and I seem to remember replacing at least one of the belts then but can't remember which one(s). Mileage is around 202,000. It's been a while since we've had to replace an alternator (last one was on the ES300 I had prior to the RX330). Thanks in advance!

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