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No Power Steering After Rebuild


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So, my SC400 was leaking massive amounts of fluid from the pump straight onto the alternator I don't have the $200+ to buy a power steering pump, so I went ahead, purchased a rebuild kit and rebuilt my pump, slapped it on the car, filled it with fluid, turned the steering wheel about a million times with the reservoir cap off to purge it of air. Lowered the car down, start it up, turn the steering wheel and nothing. No power assist at all. I replaced my belt, my tensioner is on one of the marks and is not making any noise, also checked for possible leaks which I found none of, still no power steering and I desperately need my car for school and work! The power steering DID work BEFORE everything.

The pump is making no noises and is spinning freely.

Any, literally any suggestions will help!

If it's my power steering pump after all, if anyone has a source for a cheap one, or are willing to sell me one please inbox me!


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When I rebuilt my pump I had the same thing happen. There's a part you put in backwards in the pump - I can't remember now since it's been a few years but after reading this if you go back and remove the pump and open it up it will make sense. The piece (flow control valve?) is blocking the fluid travel and needs to go back in the other way. Sorry I can't remember exactly what it is.

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