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Looking for anyone to comment or who has experience with this and would like to make any suggestions.

Approximately, 350 miles from home, the steel fuel line on my 99 LX470
rotted through and let go... The first indication was he stench of
gasoline from the drivers seat... and then the rain of fuel in front of
the rear tire when I stepped out to check.... I dumped 13 gallons in 6
minutes racing to a service station on a Sunday morning at 8:00 am. Any
one with a match or lighter could have sent a wave of flames chasing me
3 miles into town.

Has anyone had experience with this, who has successfully changed their fuel (and return) lines?

I had a "bypass" installed to get me limping home.. but now the truck sits in the driveway waiting for some much due attention.


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    • By GDada
      Hi -
      We have a new nh300. The yellow light and low fuel alert come up only when the car has about half a gallon left (20 miles driving range with an average 34mpg), which is too low for us, especially when driving in Texas. Can the car be configured to set the alert when there is more gas on the tank? Or is there something wrong with our car? (it only takes 12 gallons when refilling right as the light comes up).
      Thanks in advance
    • By DavidNewell
      I will spare you the whines relating to the difficulty  I experienced while  changing out a burned-out headlight (did both):
      but henceforth, I will pay more attention to the words molded into the plastic stating (approx.) that a competent technician
      should be retained to do the job...
      Oh well, the 2001 LS430 is in my driveway, "immobilized" I suspect, as the fuel pump tests fine.
      All the electrical appears to work fine, but given that no fuel is getting to the engine, that appearance is deceiving.
      Fuses are good.
      I do not have a tester: and would prefer to not have to have the  car towed to the mechanic to see if there is a fault code (I'm sure there is.)
      I wrongly thought that I could save some money by changing a simple headlight,
      but discovered that my 50-year-old wrenching skills are somewhat obsolete. 
      So,  is there a likely issue which has arisen which commonly occurs
      when nimrods get cocky and brazenly think they can change a GD headlight???   
      Or do I bite the bullet and call a tow company??
      ☹️ So far, my projection is that it's unlikely that I will have saved money, looking back on it.  
      I'm still getting older, but the "wiser" part is coming slower, it does appear...
    • By fsuguy
      OK all you smarties, here is question that has me baffled - when replacing the fuel pump on these first gen LS400s, there are two options listed
      1. The Denso, and
      2. The Aisan (guatamala)
      Does anyone know what the difference is, and why?  I was replacing the FP in my 1992, and not knowing any better, got the Denso from an online supplier based on their claim that it was an exact match replacement for the factory installed FP.  When I got the existing FP out, however, the construction was all metal and much more robust, with a couple of shiny bands at the base.  I did not see any branding marks on it, but noted that the Denso I replaced it with had the fuel feed nipple made of plastic, and generally appeared to be of cheaper quality (cost about $200)  Anyway, I compared prices for both the Denso and Aisan from the Lexus dealership and the prices are very different - $250 for the Denso and $360 for the Aisan (Guatamala)!!!
      Can anyone on here shed any light as to why this is so?  By the way, I think that I should have got the Aisan for my LS, just based on the pictures from the dealership website show the both side by side, and comparing that to the FP I took out of my tank! $360!!!
      Thanks for any insight
      p.s.  For those who are wondering about the Denso - it appears to be working well, but I am concerned about its longevity, simply because of the apparent cheapness in construction.
    • By lexusesuser07
      I drive a lexus es350 07. I filled in diesel by mistake and before I could stop i filled in about 5gal. Now the car has 5gal diesel + 4 gal petrol. I drove 1mi after that to get it to my home and planning to tow the car to my local garage and have them flush the fuel system. But that can happen only tomorrow and I am worried about letting the car sit overnight with the diesel in it. Is there a way for me too siphon off the fuel from the tank ? Has anybody done this before on a Lexus ?
    • By GSinTrouble
      Like a fool, I closed my keys in the trunk while on vacation. After calling a locksmith, he unlocked the car and set the alarm off, causing the doors to lock and disable the trunk switch. He removed the lower dash panels containing the switch, and jumped power to the White and black wire on the switch. He fried the wire, left, and now here I am. I used a Lexus emergency key to open the trunk and retrieve the keys. Upon placing the key in the ignition, everything was functioning but the cluster. I can see my gear selection indicator and my idiot lights, but no tach, speedo, water temp, or fuel gauge. I have checked the MPX B fuse, SRS B, Panel, and Gauge fuses, each of which appeared to be fine. I have since disconnected the battery (twenty minutes prior to the publication of this post). Please help me identify the problem, I am very concerned. Thank you.