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Steel Fuel Line Replacement


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Looking for anyone to comment or who has experience with this and would like to make any suggestions.

Approximately, 350 miles from home, the steel fuel line on my 99 LX470
rotted through and let go... The first indication was he stench of
gasoline from the drivers seat... and then the rain of fuel in front of
the rear tire when I stepped out to check.... I dumped 13 gallons in 6
minutes racing to a service station on a Sunday morning at 8:00 am. Any
one with a match or lighter could have sent a wave of flames chasing me
3 miles into town.

Has anyone had experience with this, who has successfully changed their fuel (and return) lines?

I had a "bypass" installed to get me limping home.. but now the truck sits in the driveway waiting for some much due attention.


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