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Help! Smoke Coming Out Exhaust


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Hi all just bought my first lexus it's a 92 sc300

I started it and it it just pouring white smoke out exhaust. It's also dripping oil mixed with fuel out the intake so I guess oils is getting burned in cylinders. It idles and runs really rough and shakes! Please help and tell me what gaskets I need to replace and so on.

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Usually white smoke in the exhaust, is coolant, blue smoke is oil and black smoke is unburned gas.

From what you've described, at the very least it has a bad head gasket. That's almost certainly the cause of the white smoke in the exhaust. That would also explain rough running.

Oil leaks from the cam lubrication channels could also come from a bad head gasket, also, but I don't know that much about the configuration of the six to comment definitively about it out the intake ports.

Obviiously, if it's loosing oil, you don't want to run the engine anymore, but start by pulling the intake system and the head.

Good luck..

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