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Rattle When Hit Road Bumps - Exterior Noise

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I've notice a strange "plastic" sounding rattle very often when hitting road bumps. It appears to emanate from the wheels and can only be heard when the windows are down. it makes the car sound really cheap. My original guess was the lexus logo in the center of the wheel but that does not appear to be the issue. IS250 Fsport. Anyone experience something similar?

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I know exactly what you are talking about. If I hit a hard bump I hear a distinctive rattle coming from the outside of the car. It sounds more like the suspension to me but definitely I would not label as normal even though it could be I guess. I am going to be taking mine in soon for 5k service. i will let you know what they say about that noise

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falconof73: when I took my car in for the 10K service, I mentioned this issue to the customer service rep for possible fix. They did not address the issue stating it was too windy of a day to look at the issue (sounded lame to me!) and that I needed to bring the car back at another time and take a ride with a customer rep to demonstrate the problem. I have not had time recently to return to the dealer. Just a heads up before you bring your car in for 5k service. I will be interested to hear what you find out.

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The technician at the dealer stated that a parking brake component rattles in the housing of the rear brake. Some sort of pad or cushion was added to both rear wheel brakes that eliminated the rattle when hitting bumps. The fix appears to mostly have worked. Once in a blue moon I still hear the rattle when I hit a larger bump in the alley or in the street (pretty infrequent).

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