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Navigation Doesnt Understand My Voice Commands.

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Wow, finally upgraded my nav to latest, and am trying the voice commands. Does everybody have problems with recognition.? I Say Lodi and it comes up with weird named cities. I tried voice command to make a phone call and it says POI site. I just don't get it. Maybe it only understands people with accents... I tried command to call Tom and it goes off on some tangent. When You install upgrade is their some training session for voice.?

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I had the same problem with my 2010 Rx 350 very frustrating :chairshot: until I realized you can switched the microphone from the center console to the driver's door, since I switched over it work fine for me now give it a try see what happens.

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The amount of road noise that permeates the cabin is a big factor. Of course, the total level is directly related to vehicle speed and internal (people/kid-produced) sound levels. Quietness is voice recognition's friend.

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