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  1. I had the same problem for years battery going dead Dealer told me I did not drive my Rx 350 long enough and suggested installing a battery maintenance charger and plug it in every night. I did not agree with that BS. after doing a lot of research on parasitic draw and checking the draw on my RX 350 and found nothing really to suggest there was a problem. My suggestion Replace your battery with AGM battery then your problem is solved that's the battery I installed and have had no problem since good Luck.
  2. I had the same problem for years with my 2010 Rx350 Lexus replace three battery's under warranty and problem still persisted! Lexus service told me I did not drive the RX enough to keep the battery charged, I would have to boost the car every four or five days. Finally after doing a lot of research on battery's I bought an (AGM Energizer Battery) problem Solved no more dead battery. So if anyone is having problems with a dead battery get that TOYOTA battery out of your vehicle .
  3. If you have a roof rack rails on that will create wind noise
  4. Good morning Mike03,I agree remove Negative battery Terminal and leave off for a couple of hours then reconnect this will reset your system to factory default then every thing should work fine once again. and yes you will have to reset every thing. Good luck
  5. Airi2010 if you are mechanically inclined I would take †he plugs out and check †hem. Mind you the back three plugs are very tricky †o get out but you will be able to do it wth the right tools. It’s possible you also may have leaky Injectors I would recommend some fuel injectors cleaner. I use Amsoil PI Additive 355mL every couple of tank full or when I go on a long trip before I would do anything, I would try this way first. By the way i burn regular gas in my 2010 Rx 350 never have used premium as recommended by Lexus. If you go to a dealer they will recommend fuel sys
  6. I live in Northern Alberta Canada and I own a 2010 RX350 I average between 9.5 to 10 liters per 100km on the highway around the city it varies.. You may need a tune up depending on the Km on your car also check your Air filter.
  7. The first thing I would do is check to see if you have an Air Lock in the cooling system try and purge the system.. Forget the second mechanic advice if the coolant was coming out of the exhaust system you would smell a sweet smell also lots of White smoke.. Good luck
  8. My guess and 100% sure it a broken wire at the door hinge check the wiring going into the door open the harness up and check for broken wires good luck.
  9. Welcome Ben You are not alone with this uses parasitic battery drain! Welcome aboard from my experience this is an ongoing issue with Lexus and to be honest the dealerships and Lexus customer care don't give a rats !Removed! about you and this issue's. The remedy for the problem they told me to drive your car more often or purchase a battery maintenance charger and plug your car in, excuse me when you buy a vehicle you expect it to start every time you get into it and not have to worry if it will start. I own a 2010 RX 350 with 50,000Km! and yes the car is parked in the garage
  10. I drive a 2010 RX and when the warning light comes on indicating low fuel I can drive roughly 100 miles on empty.
  11. Lexus1213 If you are having any doubts about this car I say twist and shout and walk away! you will not be happy with this car. Just my 2cents.
  12. I would get the Valves clearance check and adjust that's my opinion.
  13. I received a recall letter from Lexus and they changed the oil cooler hose to a steal line at no charge, Dales121 if any damage occurred due to the hose leaking keep after them to fix the darn issue,
  14. Recall Details Transport Canada Recall # 2014043 Recall Date 2014/02/12 Notification Type Safety Mfr System Brakes Manufacturer Recall Number SSC228, SSC229 Units Affected 25,557 Category Car, Light Truck & Van, SUV Recall Details On certain vehicles, a manufacturing defect could affect the functioning of the electric brak
  15. Have your rotors machined or replace sounds like they are out of round also check your brake pads. good luck
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