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Got Sirius Xm Installed Now Bluetooth Doesn't Work!

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Hi! I'm new here. I hope you guys can help

I just went to best buy and had the onyx plus sirius xm installed. I thought all was well, but when I make a call with my bluetooth, it displays on the navigation screen that a call is in progress, however, it doesn't interrupt the radio like it used to. The radio stays on (regular fm) and the bluetooth call is no where to be heard. I have a 2008 lexus rx 350.

The installer said he didn't have to touch the radio so he doesn't know what's wrong. He said all he had to do was unplug the fm antennae and use an adapter to hook up the xm with the transmitter thing.

When I hit the AUDIO button on my car, it says AUDIO OFF. How do I turn AUDIO ON?

HELP! Thank you in advance!

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Hi Traci and welcome.

I don't know the answer to your problem, but I have had a few issues with the "Audio Off" message.

The main problem I had was trying to use an mp3 player in a 2010 ES 350. While using the mp3 if I got out of the car and came back later, everytime I would start the car the screen would say "Audio Off". The manual said it will work with mp3, and it did play well, but would not use all features. I took the car to several specialty shops and the dealer, but to no avail.

Finaly, after calling Lexus support, and going back through the manual, it looked like the issue revoled around the Apple based software that runs the system. In your manual, you will note that instructions about the system features speaks of IPOD and other similar products. Once I bought an IPOD and pluged it in, it ran supper. All features worked, the "Audio Off" problem went away.

I know next to nothing about Blue Tooth, but I strongly suggest you ask around for a well known car audio installer and ask them if they have ever installed this product and ask them to explain the problem before they put a screw driver to your RX. Best Buy. is good for things such as installing new speakers and other simple items, but other members have reported less than satisfactory results with the kind of problem your having

Let us know how things work out.


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