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Iphone 6 Compatability With Rx330


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How do I find out if the new iPhone 6 is compatible with my wife's 2006 RX330 Bluetooth? Tried Lexus web site, but couldn't find links to help me. Wife wants new iPhone 6 and I'm worried that it might not be compatible with her RX330. She will then want a new Lexus . Please help.

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Ask someone you know who already has the phone if you can borrow it to check compatibility.

If your wife demands a new Lexus, just because her phone doesn't sync, this would be the worst case of Apple hypnotism (drinking the Apple koolaid), I've every encountered.

The sad thing is that Apple is finally catching up to other manufacturer's phones after 2+ years, but that's another story.

I'm sorry, I soured on Apple after working with a former Foxconn engineering manager at a company in Chengdu, China, just down the street from the factory shown in this news story from a couple of years ago.


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Dave...thanks for the suggestion. However, I don't know anyone with a new iPhone 6 and all my friends have Android devices. I'm just going to wait this one out until we hear more. Besides, her iPhone 4 works fine and the RX330 is running great.

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