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No Sound Right Side


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Hi, my problem on my 92 LS400 is the right side has very little sound coming from the speakers, I bought a used radio and does the same thing, there is no phone in the car never was, I have read some post here where it had to do with the phone, any help would be great, Thanks

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Hi Ronnie and welcome to the Lexus Owners Club.

If I understand your problem correctly, the speakers on the right side of the cabin, both front and back(?), are putting out very low volume. This was the case before you put in the new Radio/Head unit, and it is still putting out only low volume. Did you also replace the amplifier or at least have it tested?

I don't have a great deal of knowledge about a 92' system, but as with all sound systems, there are only a usual number of main components to start working from. First. Did you or someone check through the system to know enough to pinpoint that replacing the head unit was the problem? Its obvious that is not the case. I would suggest you try two things before you spend any more money.

In later models there are at least 3 fuses for the audio system. I don't know how the 92' system is powered but I'm sure you have already checked the fuses. The amplifier may have 2 power lines going into it from the fuse panel. One side of the amp maybe going out.

Have you taken the door panels off to check the speakers and cross-overs for both front and back? I don't know how the speakers are hooked up to the Head Unit and from the front door to the back door.

Is your system a Pioneer or a Nakimichi.

Other members may come on here and have some more suggestions. These 2 links will give a lot of information about auto sound systems and may help you track down some more possibilities.




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I suppose both radios could have the same problem. The right channel seems to die more often than the left - did that in my 2000 LS400 (Nakamichi) twice ... had the balance control resoldered to fix it the first time and went with an aftermarket head unit the second time.

The diagrams I have show that the standard 1992 LS400 radio has a separate amp that drives only the subwoofer but that the Nakamichi (my diagram is for the 1993 Nakamichi) has a separate amp that drives all speakers.

Some people have found that contacts on a ribbon cable inside the head units of later LS400 radios tends to fail and that cleaning the contacts gets the radio working again - but that's a long shot.

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Yes, right side of the trunk per the attached diagram. Check for corrosion on the connectors first. See if there is any sign of water on the amp.

It seems like that site is not displaying images anymore. How did you pull the pick?

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