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Prepping The Lexus For Service...


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Recently inherited this '08 ES350 with just under 18k on it from my father-in-law who recently passed away.

He lived in SF (which is only 7 square miles) so he couldn't really rack up many miles but getting in and out of a tiny, weany garage more suited for '60s Volkswagens took it's toll on the body so the very first order of business was to smooth out the imperfections and re-spray practically the entire car except the hood, front fenders and roof...here's how it looked as of this morning.

Next, the wheels come off...literally...having all the curb rash removed then powdercoated a color called titanium-nickel which is darker and richer than the current bright silver which I think clashes with the dark color.

Finally, the tint man works his magic then the detailers come on board to polish the inside and engine compartment before the wife takes the keys and finally drives her new steed!

Follow along as I'll update this thread...




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Got the car delivered to me late Tuesday evening (how's that for service?) and the paint looks fantastic, excellent color match and the metallic laid down beautifully.

Broke down the wheels and had them to the powdercoaters by 9:45am yesterday, hope to have them back real soon, maybe tomorrow or at the latest Saturday.

Made my tint appointment for Tuesday, decided to go 35% all-around. Spent most of the day detailing the undercarriage, will continue on that theme today...


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Thanks for the reminder, haven't forgotten and will have that checked before I let the wife take over...what's the new one supposed to look visually different from the old rubber line, something about a yellow tag?

There are 2 fixes. One is an all metal line. The other is another rubber line which is a stronger rubber. No yellow tag. No visual difference. But do go to your dealer and have them look it up with the vin to find out if it was done. I had the new rubber line installed. No problems.

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LexBob2, I went and registered the car on Lexus.com and looked up the service history but nothing about the VVT line, just something about a inside trunk lock campaign...guess I'll have to stop by the dealer and see what they can turn up.

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I like the smokey granite mica color, same color as my IS350.

Your wheels came our great in the darker color. I'm thinking of having my Mazda CX-5 wheels refinished like that.

Results are impressive, your wife will love that car!

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