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  1. Fingers crossed you get it back. The IS250 did very well on fuel too - returning around 7 litres per 100km or just under. I also managed to bring pack a nice selection of currywurst in a cool box so they are now in my freezer ready for a BBQ over summer :)
  2. Glad to hear the car is now running OK. Any luck getting your money back? Germany was fun - lots of driving though. More than 1500 miles (2400 km) in 6 days. Pretty much drove the full length of the A2 - that's a long bit of autobahn.
  3. Yeah that's a bit of trek from Hanover or Berlin, but thanks for the kind offer though!
  4. I'm visiting a friend who lives in a town on the outskirts of Hanover, and we're also probably going to drive over to Berlin for a day too. Where are you in Germany?
  5. That's crazy money. At least you have the car back now though. Do you finally have a working German/European navigation unit too or still not? By the way, I'm driving over to Germany on Friday!
  6. I've also tried the Meguiars Plast X and that worked for me on another car I have
  7. Wow that's expensive. Is that just the cost of the unit plus labour? Hope you manage to get it for nothing!
  8. Yes I know what you mean. Let us know how you get on - I hope you get it sorted!
  9. That's good, you still have to think about certain parts that may eventually fail at certain mileages - it is a Lexus though so should be pretty good! Sounds like a nice car though!
  10. Higher mileage isn't always an issue, providing the car has been well looked after with a comprehensive service history. That being said, I usually don't like buying cars with too many miles, especially if I will put quite a few on it. Think about how many miles it will have come sale time and how easy it will be to sell on.
  11. I would get the check engine light/speed sensor sorted first to see if that cures it.
  12. I guess the navigation system was one of the risks buying an imported car - that being said you wouldn't expect the whole system to die completely like this. Hopefully it won't put you off another Lexus - maybe an import though as the lack of warranty is clearly frustrating!
  13. Lexus don't yet seem to have made their mind up as to which their preferred system is. They still appear to be producing some models with the touch pad mouse and some models with the physical mouse. Neither are the most user friendly in the world if I'm being honest.
  14. That would have been handy to have the card that came with the car - what happened to that? 900 dollars seem a lot for the SD card.
  15. David, perhaps see if they will let you listen to another one at your local dealership to see if it sounds any different? This might help you to figure out if there is a problem with your system. I have the ML system (14 speaker) in my IS250 and personally I find the sound excellent, though as Paul says it is all down to personal opinion. I haven't heard an ML system in the LS460 but I'd imagine it to be a bit better than mine if anything!
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