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Question About Raplace The Expansion Valve

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I bought the expansion valve for my 1991 LS with 168K , today (last part what I need to my A/C be good again, I hope) and would like to ask you guys if I have to drain off all the freon when I will exchanging expansion valve. You know guys I want to exchange the valve by myself and then to take the car to the service to they exchange the compressor and drier. My guess is that I have to drain off it. Am I right ?? Thank you !!

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Good to hear from you Curt.

If you need to drain R-12, you really should find a way to evacuate and recycle. Then you will need a vacuum pump to completely eveacuate the system. The most important thing is, to make sure your oil charge doesn't change. Too much or too little and you have a big problem.

I ususally do my own as I have all the equipment accessible, not to mention that I have 30lbs. of R-12.

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Thank you guys. I need to change the compressor and drier anyway so I´ll let change the valve at the same time and I think I will need new freon. I Already have R134 in it. thanks again

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