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  1. Thanks Trevor for your answer! I have visited Lexus dealer today to they check vibration. Luckily they had a time to check that out. They check balance (did not find anything). Also they make a wheel rotation. Thats all they did. The vibration is now much much lower. Now it feels more like light tingle what could be felt only on good new freeway asphalt. So I probably will wait little while if this gets worse or may be better. This sounds strange that vinbration was almost fixed by the wheel rotation...
  2. Hello Everybody, I would like to ask if anybody has a same experience. Last Friday I have bought brand new Lexus 450h luxury edition in Lexus Munich Germany. The car had a 5 miles on the clock. Original 20" Lexus wheels with summer tires installed. During my drive home I was feeling light vibration always when I reached 85 mph on the freeway. So when I got home I called dealer and he could not believe. He said that I should keep track this issue. I said for myself this has to be a wheel ballance so I replace whole set for winter (need them anyway) and will let my original wheels balanced
  3. I got a question for LS600h owners. I have sold my 2004 LS430 with 210.000 miles. Now I am looking for something newer. I got a chance to buy a 2010 LS600h (facelift) with 80.000 miles for $ 27.000,-. I have never drove a car with batteries and do not know what to expect in service. Battery life? How the car handles? Anything to be affraid of? I would realy appreciate if any of 2010-2012 LS600h owner could give a advice if this car is a good choice even if 6 years old or better buy 2012-2014 GS maybe? Thanks a lot!
  4. Thanks for advise... I do not drive the car. I have ordered pulley bearing over ebay. But still don´t know if that bearing is the problem or something else.
  5. Hello there, I got a question about strange clicking sound from area around the A/C compressor on my 2005 LS430. I have checked the A/C compressor area with flash light while engine runs. I can see light iron powder around A/C compressor pulley. Also once in a while I can see like one iron shaving piece jumps out around the pulley. A/C runs just fine but the sound is very load. This refurbished A/C compressor worked well over the year and half. Is there any pulley bearing which can go wrong and make bad noise? More Acceleration I make = more and faster clicking sound. Week ago I hav
  6. Hello everybody, I would like to ask if anyone has an experience with high miles on sc430. I have a chance to buy 2002 sc430 with 180K miles for $10K. It is one owner and timming belt was done on 140K. It hase all service documentation. Car needs new left front speaker and front brakes. I am little affraid of high miles but I used to own 1995 LS400 in the last and it has been great car for me. Does the car needs a lot when 11 years old and almost 200K on the clock??? Thanks a lot!
  7. Hi guys. I was thinking to buy another Lexus but I´ve got good charge so I bought Acura. 1997 V6 3.2TL with 130K, original owner, dealer serviced for 6K. Looks like new. Fist I have to say that this car is much more harder i mean that I can feel every bump on the road but it is more sports car. It is very fast and acceleration is very good compare to my previous 1991 LS400. But the LS400 was too heavy. So I´d say that this car works very well for me because I´m 26 and I like the acceleration. IT´S NOT A LEXUS but good car too. OK guys, thanks for advices nad maybe see you later when I´ll buy a
  8. Does this car have a timming belt or chain ? She said that the timming belt have never been changed. It is little bit strange for me.
  9. Now I have a chance to buy 2001 IS300 (looks new) with 210K for 10K dollars. Im very scare about so high miles. It means that the car was driven couple hours every day for last 3-4 years. Do you guys think that the parts could be worn out ?? THanks a lot !
  10. Drive it before you buy it . hmm but I just found the auction and have no time to drive it :-) But Yes aou are right it can be expensive toy.
  11. Sure I did, But I had to do all thinks like a motor+trany mounts, power steering pump, all struts, water tank, tune up etc. and dont want to do it again. So would like to know when I can expect all this thinks on this car. I´m just thinking to keep the car for 20K and let it go but dont want to do all this work again.
  12. First big problems ? When They come ?
  13. Thank you very much for the pics, they are very helpful !!! I´ll check everything on the car and then I´ll see ! Thanks again
  14. I just talked to the owner and he said that the valve cover gaskets or PCV valve are not replaced replaced. He sadi that he had no problems with the car co it means it is still oroginal.
  15. Car has 128K and the owner said that the timing belt is just replaced and they didnt change water pump because the pump was still good. IT IS LITTLE BIT stupid.
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