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What is the best car you have ever driven?


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I haven't had the chance to drive a nice car yet, but aside from the typical Mercedes C-class, E-Class (06, 10), ML350 (06,10) GLK350,BMW 328i, 528i (mine), 535i (11), X3 (05, 11), Audi Q5, the whole Lexus line-up except an LS460, GS430/460, & SC430, I've driven a Corvette and an ML55 AMG. Then again I'm still young so I still have a lot of chances to try out something nice :rolleyes:

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A car that "changed my life" was a 1968 Mercedes 280S sedan that my sister drove from Marquette, Michigan home to northern Missouri during the Christmas holiday of 1967 when I was 17 years old. I was fascinated with that car. It had - hold your hats! - a motorized antenna and a Becker radio that could actually seek out radio stations. Wow! I was fascinated with its odd lighted "slider" heater controls and an air conditioner that wasn't integrated into the dash. And its doors closed with such precision and its interior and exterior finish seemed perfect.

I don't have a photo of that Mercedes 280S but attached is a photo of the Mercedes 450SEL I drove in the 1970's. Yes, that's me 30-some years ago ... parked in front of my future wife's apartment building.

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I think the vehicle that I had the most fun with was my 1995 Jeep Wrangler Rio Grande! Wow I had some good times with that thing...the ride beat the hell out of you but the best thing was in the summers I never even put the top on the thing. I would take the top off and keep it parked in a garage if it looked like it was going to rain. But if it rained there were drain plugs in it and the carpets came right out of it too. I had a nice subwoofer in the rear and had the upgraded speaker bar in it with the light bar and custom lights in the front. I actually put a little lift on it with some upgraded tires and rims...then it couldn't get out of it's own way but it looked cool! Had a good friend that had one too...we all used to get together and ride all over the place with the tops off and doors off...I put so many miles on that jeep. younger days!

This one is like the one I had!

My link

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YOURS! Waiting for the statute of limitations to expire before posting pictures though! :lol:

Honestly though, an 09' 911 Convertible last December in S. California. That was my favorite to drive.

My favorite to ever ride in though? One of the first Corvette ZR1's in 1989 at the age of 16. Friend's dad bought one of the first. Took me out for a spin, during which his "break-in period" for the engine had passed. He opened it up, and I nearly ruined the passenger's seat...

Real car that I can afford? Not really sure, but this little VW I've got now is sitting at the top of my "favorites" list of all cars I've owned.

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