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Wiper Arms Raised - Wont Go Down

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I don't have a GS but I have read many times on Lexus forums that the GS has a "Winter" wiper blade setting that positions the wiper blades further up the windshield to help prevent them from becoming inflexible by freezing up with ice. Supposedly one can grasp the blade arm and push the arm firmly up or down to toggle the blade arms between the normal and winter positions.

Again ... I've only read about this and thought it might be some sort of urban legend but a lot of people have said this works. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE!!!

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In the 2006 GS manual it is located under the section called "Windshield Wiper and Washer Switches". Page 49 to be exact.

They refer to the 2 positions are rest and retracted. It has gotta be in the 2008 manual as well.


Yes, it is on page 201 of the 2008 GS owners manual.

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I haven't look in to the manual, but a good push down fixed it for me, it seems to me that there are two preset positions for wiper blades and higher one can be also used to change blades. ;)

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