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  1. Also, you can check to see if you have it in sport mode.
  2. Mine has 75K miles on it and it has always behaved that way. Especially when cold.
  3. You are correct sir - a strong push did it. I called the dealer yesterday and they told me the same thing, although it's not in my owners manual anywhere.
  4. I have no idea why, but I just noticed that my wipers no longer return to their recessed position at the bottom of the window (in the cowl?). Is this a setting of some kind?
  5. Thanks for the comments from across the pond! The car, however, has no vibrations whatsoever. Just a steady smooth pull to the right. (Or is that "smoothe")
  6. Bought new tires at 30K miles for my 08 GS350 - Michelin Pilot Sports. OEM size. Car now pulls hard to the right. Car was in for service and I went ahead and had them align it. Still pulled to the right so I went back. They agreed, and at the end of the day said I had a bad tire. They determined this by switching the left front with the right and the car tracked straight. The tire dealer gave me a new tire. Put the tires on the rights sides and the car again pulled to the right. Went back to the dealer and he put new oem tires from another GS on my car and it tracked straight. They are blaming the "aggressive" tread pattern on the new tires. Got back from a long road trip this weekend and I took it back to the dealer. They switched both fronts and backs across the car and it now pulls to the left. The dealer is done with this and says I have to live with it or get new tires. I only have 5K miles on the new, $1100 tires. What do you think?
  7. I have an 08 GS350 2WD with the 18" spyder wheels. The car drove great for the first 28K miles on fairly low profile and somewhat aggressive Dunlop SP tires. I was told that my oem tires had lasted longer than many others. I replaced them with same sized Michelin's. Immediately, the car began to pull hard to the right. However, I did not immediately take it back to the tire shop. I looked around for someone good to align it, since the tire shop is old and very low tech. After about 2000 miles, it needed a dealer required visit, so I had them align it. They claimed it was way out of spec and that it was still pulling to the right after their alignment but it would eventually resolve itself. Does this sound reasonable? I am skeptical as the car drove perfectly before replacing the tires, and since I am the only driver, I know it hasn't hit anything.
  8. The dealer installed mine and it sux! Very bad signal. Now they tell me that all Sirius has poor signal.
  9. I paid for the satellite radio when I purchased my 08 GS350. I did not get the ML model. The reception is pretty poor, and instead of using the shark fin they added what looks like an antenna above the rear view mirror. Is this bad for signal strength? Do I have the right to make them use the shark fin?
  10. I have the spyders and I love them. I had to buy them when I bought the car, and the salespeople thought I was crazy. Does the roof spoiler do anything or is it for looks? Just curious.
  11. I know this is a weird one, but does your GS smell bad? I have an 08 GS350 and neither I nor my children like the interior smell. I am not referring to so called new car smell - this has come later I think. I've had the car for 4 months, and I think it started after about a month or two. Any one else experience this?
  12. Great - I will give that a try. I was aware of how to get it back on by pushing the start button after engine start down and without my foot on the brake, but then the wheel had to move and it's just not the same.
  13. Is there any way to allow the radio to continue after the engine is shut off? I have been able to do this on two MBZ's and even my F150 can do it.
  14. You are right. There's another dealership on my way home. I pass it twice a day. I only went to this one as they were smart and must have determined that although I purchased the car near L.A., I registered it in Riverside. I gave them cudos for going after my business. I was not going to go out of my way and complain, but their follow-up girl called toa sk how it went and I told her. I still love the car - but not the dealership. I hope this GS is as good as my first one - it was the original GS - a 98 I think. I have had MBZ's since 12/2000 and was looking forward to returning to the Lexus experience I remember from those day (incl. Tustin Lexus).
  15. Both doors leak air around the interior "door pull" recess: COULD NOT DUPLICATE AND DEALER WILL NOT PULL PANELS UNLESS THEY CAN FEEL THE AIR. Occasionally the car will crank but not start. Acts like it's getting no gas. DID NOT FAIL AT DEALER - NO HELP When accelerating from a slow start, the transmission seems to slip. DEALER CALLS THIS NORMAL. Satellite signal seems weak DEALER SAYS IT A PROBLEM WITH SIRIUS NOT XM AND NOT LEXUS. OF COURSE, OUR GL450 WITH SIRIUS DOES NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM. Text from satellite is truncated - you only get part of the info. DEALER SAYS THERE'S NOTHING HE CAN DO Plastic like Saran Wrap is poking out from under dash and at the bottom of interior door panels. REMOVED PLASTIC Parking brake cable must have excessive slack - does not hold car. DEALER SAYS NO PROBLEM. Seat heaters are barely noticeable. DEALER CALLS THIS NORMAL. LEXUS OF RIVERSIDE, CA. NOT A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION!