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  1. I have a 2006 GS300 RWD, and it's time for an oil change. I've always changed my own oil, but this car's filter looks very different. I understand it's a canister type of filter, but the replacement filter came with a plastic connector like thing to apparently drain the oil filter before removing it (?) Does anyone have instructions on doing this? Is there a special tool involved? There is a cap on the filter that looks like it could unscrew, but looks like a special tool is needed to do it... Any help appreciated! Very nice DIY! Personally I never use the plastic small piece to drain oil from the filter - to me its just an extra step, I just remove the canister and drain all oil all together
  2. Oh, yeah I forgot to mention grandpa moderators...
  3. Sounds like your audio system (i.e. amp) is going to a safe mode and then restart itself. Definitely not a proper working order, I would advise you to try change the amp (located in the trunk on the right corner), but this is not a head unit 100%. Before replacing the amp, try first to disconnect it from the power for at least 5 minutes. Hope it helps.
  4. I did order 4 Lexus TPMS sensors for $55 shipped from eBay. I don't think it is too expensive not to have them on...
  5. I use Mobil 1 simply because it is available in every autoparts store. In addition, WalMart carries the 5qt jug at the best price of anyplace. Amsoil is no where near that available. steviej Same here... Can't beat Walmart's price on oil... I do also like Castrol Edge.
  6. I have 2007 GS 350 AWD and finally got my 19 8.5 MMR HR2 wheels installed. Discount tires tried 3 different sizes of Continental DWS 245/45 19 (too big), then 225/45 19 (too skinny) and finally 245/40 19 fits just right in! It barely rubbing/touching plastic wheel liner on completely turned wheel, but it became a bit higher off the ground.
  7. Changing boring look of my GS to smth SEXY...

  8. I haven't look in to the manual, but a good push down fixed it for me, it seems to me that there are two preset positions for wiper blades and higher one can be also used to change blades. ;)
  9. I have been a member over 2 years, but most people over there are extremely boring!!! They have nothing else to discuss then pictures of a big !Removed! wheels and lowering your car to the ground... And of course royal !Removed! kissing about morals and manners :) This forum ROCKS!
  10. look in the glove compartment, right where door would touch the console on the left side - there is a trunk lock button
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