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Right Rear Wheel Bearing

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My 08 Rx350 with 62,000 began to make a low , speed dependent,growl from the rear. My mech said that this is typical of this model Lexus and is usually the wheel bearings which are small and tend to fail after enduring long driving times on the highway.. He test drove the car and asked me to continue to drive the car a week or so more in order to determine which side was failing. Two weeks later I brought the car back and he put the car up on the lift, took it up to speed and using a stethoscope he determined it was the right rear. The replacement bearing was approx. $330.00 and 2.5 hrs of labor brought the bill to $505.00. He showed me the bearing and pointed out where the seal failed allowing water in which turned to steam. With the loss of lubrication failure began. He mentioned that the other side could go next week or last another 100,000 miles.

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the Koyo bearing with hub is only around $211 at this site...Buy the part and let him replace it.

here is another place for that part:

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Share on other sites 07 RX350 has started making the growling noise over the last 2 months.

Initially LExus said it was tyre feathering, so I was back and forth with the tyre shop, without resolving anything.

Now Lexus have agreed to replace one of the front bearings. Surprising, as my car has only travelled 58,000km. They said it was the first RX350 with which they've had bearing problems!

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At just after 60,300 miles, my '08 RX350 started to get a noise from the left rear -- the kind of sound that an off road tire makes -- stock Michelens still have good tread -- wonder if it is the rear end or axle bearing.. Will Lexus drive train warranty cover this???

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That noise sounds like a bearing. Does it happen more when you turn in a particular direction? If so, the noisy bearing is the one on the side of the car not under load at the time (usually!)

The the warranty should cover it, unless it was damaged by running into a kerb or something...

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