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  1. hi there I guess my aim is not to get a rigid or bumpy ride, but perhaps lower the car by approx 10-20mm and mainly to reduce its roll and make it a little more responsive out of corners. I used to have a Mazda CX7 which, for all its other faults!, handled much better than my RX This was the sort of thing I was thinking of: Satz
  2. hi all Am thinking of fitting hubcentric wheel spacers to my 07 RX350, mainly to widen the stance of the wheels so they're closer to the bodywork. I hate that narrow-tracked look, esp of the rear wheels. Can't afford to change the stock wheels so was thinking of using custom hubcentric wheels spacers approx 25mm wide. Anyone used them on their RX? cheers S
  3. Hi All I have an 07 RX 350 AWD and I feel the suspension is, by design, a little too soft for my liking. The only aftermarket solution I can find is the one made by Eibach. Not sure if I'm allowed to post a link or not. Has anyone used this, or any other kit? How did you find the handling and ride after? Did it improve/ get too harsh or choppy? cheers Satz
  4. one of the more annoying characteristics I've foudn with my car is its non-linear response to the pressing of the throttle pedal. In fact, non just non-linear, but non-predictable. Sometimes nothing happens with the initial half travel of the pedal, which can get dangerous when overtaking or crossing intersections. Not much response until you floor the pedal, which is not how it was on the Highlander AWD. The Highlander responded well to light pressing of the accelerator.
  5. I actually don't think the technology in the 07 - 08 RX is actually very complicated. 5 speed auto (rather clunky) Toyota electronics, HVAC, drivetrain, etc My 07 RX 350's engine seems pretty weak, and non-linear in response...
  6. hi all have had my 2007 RX 350 AWD for about a year now. Recently I had a rental 2010 Toyota Kluger (Highlander) AWD automatic and found that it was much quicker in acceleration, as well as in overtaking! I can't understand why as the specs show that the Highlander's body weight is higher, and it uses the same engine and transmission. My RX350 feels like a slug, especially when the AC is on. The Highlander felt more responsive, even with the AC on. Has anyone else compared the two? Satz
  7. Try to tighten the screws and fasteners that hold the door trims (front and back doors) Also check that the noise isn't coming from something tiny lying in the door pockets. And check that the trim piece behind the seat belt is securely fastened (I think it's held in place by the door frame rubber seals) Let us know how you go
  8. While waiting for the LEDS, I installed a pair of Narva Ultra Blue T10 bulbs. They're a close match in colour to the HIDs, but I think the light output is lowish due to the heavy blue painted tint on them... The bulbs are made in Germany, but I think they're marketed as Osram or Sylvania in the US.
  9. thanks all I managed to just get the oem rubber part from Toyota, not the whole arm. This rubber part did come with 2x metal strips which are installed with the rubber. IIRC I pulled the rubber away in the middle from the plastic arm and replaced it in the same way Satz
  10. Hi The protection on my car must be the spray-on type. I fully agree with you that it's a waste of money, and never got it on any of my new cars (only on this used one)! The surface feels pretty smooth, but just not as 'expensive' looking as I'd expect Lexus paint to look. I might take the clay to a section of it to test. And then polish. I've used Zaino polish before, and now switched to Meguiars Tech Wax 2.0 Also thinking of getting a random-orbital sander/polisher to do the buffing as my old shoulders are getting too sore :)
  11. Hi all Bought a used 2007 rx 350 which has the paint protection on there from original owner. I don't feel the paint is as deep looking as it could be after washing and polishing. would it help to run claybar over it, or will it make no difference to a paint-protected paint? Or worse still, could it make a mess od the protection and hence the finish? i had good results with clay on my previous car... Thank you P.s. Couldnt get much advice from the paint protection company!
  12. My system seems to be okay in the daytime (when cold outside), but it's at night when it seems to run too cold, at the same temp setting (23c). The actual air temp measurement seems to be around 22c, whereas in the daytime it's closer to 23.5C (these are with AC button switched off)
  13. hi cduluk just letting you know I ordered a pair of the Blesk Premium T10 Pure White LEDs (as per your link) thank you cheers Satz
  14. Hi CD many thanks for all that info. It's great to hear from someone who has also done the hard-yards! The LED bulbs on the link you provided sound great. So do they end up as a similar colour to the stock low-beam HID? And also, do you feel they produce the same amount of visible light output as the original filament bulb? kind regards Satz
  15. That noise sounds like a bearing. Does it happen more when you turn in a particular direction? If so, the noisy bearing is the one on the side of the car not under load at the time (usually!) The the warranty should cover it, unless it was damaged by running into a kerb or something...
  16. hi all I'm sure I've posted about this either on this site, or another one....but I'm trying to change my front parking light bulbs (and fog lights) to match the colour of the stock Xenon HID bulb. I don't like the yellow of the non-Xenon conflicting with the blue/white of the Xenon (please see attached photo) Could someone please confirm the colour temp (degrees Kelvin) for the Xenon bulb? I've searched, and contacted Lexus, and the estimates range from 4100- 4800k Or let me know what bulb/LED they used to replace the parking and fog light bulbs? thank you cheers Satz
  17. Hi cduluk Amazing work you've done there! I'm trying to start along a similar path on my 07 RX350 and get rid of most of the orange/amber interior bulbs (eg the footwell lights, door step, and glovebox) I've written you privately, but wasn't sure if you got the message. I'd really appreciate it if you had a writeup on how to access and replace those particular lights? Mine already has the illuminated "Lexus" door trim, but in orange. I'd love them to be a cool white colour. Hope to hear from you Kind regards Satz
  18. I sometimes think it's my phone...but other times I think the car fails to connect if I touch something on the touchscreen while it's trying to connect. eg...if I change the climate control setting, or audio setting... still experimenting
  19. I've finally had time to run some actual temp readings using a digital thermometer.. When I set the CC temp to 23C (auto) the temp at driver's seat, as well as rear seat is between 21-23C However, in the cold mornings the system seems to overcompensate, resulting in temps around 25C (it's mid-winter here with outside temps ranging from 0C - 14C) However I do find the cool air blowing to be a nuisance as it gives one the impression of being colder (even if the actual air temp measured is around 23C) Why can't the system just not blow at all, or blow to the windscreen/feet rather than blowi
  20. Hi all I've noticed on my 07 RX350 with factory bluetooth, that it sometimes doesn't connect to my phone. It seems to happen roughly 25% of the time. Sometimes I need to manually connect using the phone, and sometimes even that doesn't work... Anyone else have this problem? My phone is a Sony Ericsson C902 I haven't brought it up with the Service Dept as I'm sure it will work when they try it! cheers Satz
  21. well worth it...depending on what price you're quoted. I think the Lexus extended warranty is only for another 3 years after the factory 4 years expires...
  22. I'm pretty sure you can't do that on the RX. You can close all windows and sunroof by turning the key in the driver's door lock and holding it till everything closes. You can't use the remote to do the same thing (otherwise the panic alarm sounds) Note, you can set the sunroof and windows (or just the windows) to OPEN when you hold the remote button down. cheers Satz
  23. It might even be something to do with the transmission not shifting smoothly. That could give rise to a pitching motion at low speed, which could be felt as the "dip and rise on smooth surfaces".
  24. oh no! I should patent that idea then! :) Actually my old 2007 Mazda CX7 and my 2007 VW GTI both used sunlight sensors as part of their Climate Control. The sunlight sensor would change the airflow depending on how much sunlight was coming in (and hence warming the interior) It's a bit concerning that such an expensive car as the RX350 doesn't have that...
  25. it's really not very good. Just then I drove to somewhere on the way to work and set the Auto CC to 23.5C. It seemed to be warming up nicely and was stable. Then I parked the car for 10 minutes. Got in again and drove off, but this time it was cool air coming through. I had to increase the setting to 25C to get a similar warmth :( Does anyone know if there is a sunlight sensor, and where it's located? I want to check that it's not obstructed or dirty cheers Satz
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