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  1. Thank you. The car goes back tomorrow to the installer for repair, he thinks it might be the temp. sensor.
  2. I'm not sure which is the culprit but today I had a Viper Smart start remote starter for my wife's Blackberry installed in our 08 RX 350. I also had a Sirius Satellite radio interface model SL2s installed.Now when I select "AUTO" on the a/c I get unconditioned air directed to the floor. In the past this selection would have directed conditioned air out of the vents. In order to get cold air directed out of the vents I have to lower the temp to "LO". If I raise the temp one degree the system cuts off the a/c compressor, turns off the "AUTO" light and directs air,(very hot), to the floor. Any
  3. My 08 Rx350 with 62,000 began to make a low , speed dependent,growl from the rear. My mech said that this is typical of this model Lexus and is usually the wheel bearings which are small and tend to fail after enduring long driving times on the highway.. He test drove the car and asked me to continue to drive the car a week or so more in order to determine which side was failing. Two weeks later I brought the car back and he put the car up on the lift, took it up to speed and using a stethoscope he determined it was the right rear. The replacement bearing was approx. $330.00 and 2.5 hrs of la
  4. My 08 rx350 recently returned from the local dealership with all tires at 36 psi. cold. I checked the door panel and and they are supposed to be at 30 psi when cold. Bad dealership or am I missing something? Thanks
  5. I have been told that only certain sections of the seats and interior are real leather, the rest being some type of faux leather. Can someone tell me if this is true and if so where is the real leather and what is the recommended condiitioner?
  6. Check out " Hidden Hitch". I have one and it is great. I think I paid about $150 installed. I'm using it for a bike rack so the price doesn't reflect additional cost for wiring for lights, etc. It is very inconspiuious as the name implies. Good luck.
  7. Does anyone know the issue date of Nav. versrion 7.1? I bought my RX 350 in late Aug of 07 and it has the older version. Would like to know if I have a case with the dealership to have the newer ver. installed. Thanks
  8. I saved and waited a long time looking forward to retirement and buying my first Lexus. The RX350 appeared to be just what I had been waiting for, offering more room than my sedan, luxury, etc. I'm so disappointed in the product that I will be looking to replace it with a BMW, Acura,(which I have owned and never had a problem),or Mercedes in late spring / summer. It appears to me that Lexus made a fine product years ago, but in order to maintain or improve the margin on the vehicle they have cut corners on workmankship and quality. I have also been to two dealerships and I believe my comment
  9. Thanks to all of you for putting my concerns to rest. I agree that when first started the engine reminded me of an improperly adjusted push rod banging against a rocker arm. This is my first Lexus and I'm not impressed, just disappointed in the quality in many areas considering it is a 40K vehicle. I'm reminded every time I open the driver's feels and sounds cheap like an older GM vehicle. I will not buy another Lexus RX.
  10. Well thanks to all that have responded. I appreciate the insight and will continue to do research on the a/c and brake issue. I think the brake problem will resolve itself and I'm glad to know that my washer / wiper function isn't broken although I could do without the last courtesy cycle. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
  11. Well I just completed my 5k service and I mentioned some of the issues I'm having and wondered if anyone else is having similar concerns. 1) This is the sequence when using the windsheild washer. Windshield is sprayed, wipers cycles back and forth 3- 4 times, STOP, and then fully 5 secs. later , they make an additional sweep on either a dry windshield or smear what little residue that remains. Dealership response: They all do that. 2) Left,(driver side), headlight is clearly lower than right., and imo both are adjusted too low. Dealership response: That's the way they all are , the l
  12. Can anyone tell me where I might find a customized front grill for my 08 RX350? Thanks
  13. While cleaning my exterior windshield using newspaper, I stood on the runner and braced myself by holding the interior door post . I realized when I was done I had got the newspaper print on my hands on to the interior door posts. I have read in the detaling forum to use Woolite to clean the headliner. Does any know if this will work on my 08 350, or is there a better product? Is there any new guidance regarding installing a remote starter. Thanks
  14. I have an 08 RX 350 and would like to know if anyone can suggest a remote starter and a brand of hitch just so we can install a two bike carrier.
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