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My First Lexus

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Hi girls and guys,

Since a week I am a member of the Lexus-driving community myself

It is a 2004 LS430 "executive" with 115,000 km = 71,500 mi.

Colour is Navy Blue (8P8) and the leather is Ivory.

At the time (2004) the sales price was a whopping € 108,000 (about US$ 147,000 at the current exchange rate) due to exorbitant taxing in this country.


Over here there were only 2 versions available: "executive" (like my car) and "president".

The "president" version has it all, and might very well be similar as the UL in America.

The "executive" basically is the same but lacks the adjustable back seats and separate back air-conditioning unit.

Both versions have the air suspension, 18" alloy wheels and the ML audio with navigation.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me that hopefully there will be very little repairs and trouble.

I most certainly will be asking several trivial and stupid questions in the (near) future, but please have patience with me...


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Welcome to the LOC! Another member "intakerGS" is also from the Netherlands.


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Welcome :cheers:

I'm also from the Netherlands, but have given up living there many, many moons ago :lol:

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