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  1. Hi Steve, I have a 97 LS 400 so it's similar to yours.  I've finally got the two 14mm bolts removed but still couldn't remove the starter.  I've looked at the new starter & it's only attached via the 2 bolts so what the heck?  Was your popped right out?  Please advise.  Thanks, John

  2. Your diagram is correct,the side from where you drift out the old bearing faces the engine.
  3. Why are you replacing a single con rod ? Price from Lexus (probably the only place to buy one) works out around $200.00 including the shell bearings. Part number 13201-50030
  4. There should be a tutorial on www.lexls.com for the caps and rotor replacement.
  5. So you have actually paid all that cash out to a garage at highly inflated prices (they ripped you off BTW) and now you need to take it to Lexus becaused they messed it up?
  6. At least one of the top timing covers needs to come off to see any of the belt,sounds like one of your camshaft oil seals has failed,best to replace sooner rather than later. The tutorial below will help. http://www.shastaanesthesia.com/Lexus/Page1.html
  7. A single cylinder misfire is unusual as each distributor feeds 4 cylinders (2 on each bank). One cylinder down wouldn't cause extremely rough idling. I would check both coils as these are known for failure especially the driver's side one.
  8. This is based on an earlier model but may help. http://www.clublexus.com/forums/ls400/287083-how-to-replace-ac-evaporator-and-blower.html
  9. The Torx bolts you are attempting to remove actually hold the 2 parts of the piston chambers together and should never be removed. As Johnny 123 mentions the calipers are actually secured to the carrier bracket with 2 17mm bolts,one top one bottom. It is slightly worrying that you are working on a car's braking system without a manual, a reasonable knowledge of vehicle repair techniques,parts description and without the correct tools. Why are you replacing the caliper? Do you know how to bleed a braking system? Do you know which type of grease to use and where to put it? If the answer to the last 2 questions is no, take it to someone who does and pay them to do it :) I hope the car is not supported just on the factory jack or a pile of house bricks.
  10. If the rims are new you could have stick on balance weight strips fitted,they go behind the rim face so are hidden and don't show. Also low profile so tend to clear calipers. Not recommended for old or corroded rims as they tend to come off.
  11. Radio backlight fix detailed on link below. http://www.clublexus.com/forums/ls400/495308-fixing-stereo-backlight-95-not-just-bulbs.html
  12. C6 is the only one located in the backlight invertor area, I have seen this particular capacitor with a bulging shell indicating overheating/high ESR. No guarantees it will fix the problem but worth replacing to see for a few cents, just make sure you buy a branded make with a 105 degree rating.
  13. Because this topic relates to the 93-94 cluster problems not the 90-92 :) On the 90-91 cluster check out C6 220UF/25V on the top PCB,it is located just above the white 3 plug (CNU) and between the 2 transformers
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