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Cup Holder

edward m

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Hi All

I have a 2006 lexus es330 the cup holder broke. Does any one know how

to remove the console so I can take the cup holder assembly out\



Thanks for the reply I will look it over. It does not look that hard to do

Thanks again


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MY wife has an 04 ES330 and the cup holders are terrible. I can't believe Lexus allowed them to be place in their cars. It looks a lot like the same one that broke in my daughters Corolla.

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The cup holder on the ES330 is the absolute worst design ever. I totally love my car, but this is the one thing I hate. When I decide to use it, with every turn, I have to hold down whatever is in the holder. I have decided it's a true safety hazard and don't use it anymore unless I have to. I am actually surprised there hasn't been any recalls on them! I would love to find another drink holder that will work for the driver. If you have any ideas, please forward them!

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I took soda can foam coolies and placed them into the front cup holders which stabilizes water bottles, soda cans and tall non-handle coffee mugs.

This seem to be my solution.


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