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  1. I am looking for a console with pop out cup holder gray for a 2006 lexus es330
  2. Hi have a 2006 es330 with a broken cup holder how do I remove the console to take it out thanks for any help
  3. congratulations I wish you the best. I have a 2006 ES330 would you know to to remove the center console so I can repair the pop out cup holder. I would greatly welcome any help . Ed
  4. edward m

    2006 Es330

    I still need help, thanks for the reply and diagram but it was for the ls model. Does any one have diagrams on the 2006 es330 center console, where the cup holder comes out from? I cant find any one who knows how to take it out so I can repair the broken cup holder Lexus wants 374.00 to fix it. Thanks for any help.. Ed
  5. edward m

    Cup Holder

    Thanks for the reply I will look it over. It does not look that hard to do Thanks again Ed
  6. edward m

    Cup Holder

    Hi All I have a 2006 lexus es330 the cup holder broke. Does any one know how to remove the console so I can take the cup holder assembly out\ \ Thanks
  7. edward m

    Es330 2006

    Hi all Can any one tell me how to remove center console so I can repair the broken pop out cup holder that is in the console Thanks
  8. how do you replace pop out cup holder in a 2006 es330