How Do I File A Corporate Complaint?

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I purchased my first Lexus in June 2009. It was certified pre-owned and came with the 3 yr warranty. Lexus Corporate, the dealership, Lexus Extra Care, etc everyone verifies that it is showing in their system accurately. But there is a glitch in the system between the dealerships and Lexus Finance (which we didn't even use) that is causing it not to appear on the customer profile screen in the service departments. This means every time I go in for service I have to pull out the paperwork and go through it all again to prove it's under warranty. I have been told for a year that corporate is aware of it and there is an open ticket in IT to get it fixed. I am told every time that it will be done in a few months. They are now saying the end of 2010. That is 18 months of dealing with this.

I have tried to call the Customer Satisfaction Line twice today. The first time took 20 minutes for them to answer, and the second time over 30 minutes. I told them I wanted to file a complaint and they said "We will mark your file". I asked if I could write a letter to someone and was told they will just mail it to the same department and it will be put into your file. They implied that the feedback isn't sent to anyone, but will be available in the file should anyone want to come look at it.

This is absolutely NOT the experience that Lexus sells. I have to believe that there is someone you can contact that wants to hear customer feedback like this. Does anyone have any suggestions on who to contact for a corporate level complaint?

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You've already wasted enough of your valuable time trying to resolve this situation through the proper channels at Lexus. Call your state's Attorney General's office and ask for the Consumer Protection division. Explain your situation to them, they'll have you fill out some paperwork, then THEY will contact Lexus in your behalf, on your state's official letterhead. Lexus will be given 15 or 20 business days to formally respond to your Attorney General's office. By the time they respond, I bet that your vehicle will already be placed into the proper customer profile screen area at Lexus Corporate....

There's no excuse for Lexus to treat you like crap after you have continually followed the proper channels. Let your Attorney General's office get involved, and Lexus will change their tune in a heartbeat and begin treating you like royalty....

I know this works. I have used this exact approach for three different problems I've had with various businesses and vendors over the years, and I'm batting a thousand as a result. Sometimes it takes five or six weeks, but I always get the resolution I'm due....

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I really would like for someone at corporate to officially hold the funeral for Customer Service at 

Lexus.  It has surely died.  Check out the initial email that later went to corporate and they still say they are trying to find a solution.  Actually, they are doing nothing.  At least it is amusing.

Can you confirm receipt?

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November 15, 2015 at 4:39 PM



I started buying cars from your dealership not long after it opened. Obviously, I have been pleased with the automobile and the dealership and have referred many friends, family and associates over the years. Most recently my son and daughter-in-law.

I am very disappointed in my most recent experience.  I think that a part of the problem is that I decided to try a Saturday appointment and, not unlike many businesses, things are not that well organized.  After finding that Larry Berry was working, I requested him since I was unassigned.  I have worked with Larry many times and I have absolutely nothing but good to say about my experiences, including Saturday.

At check-in, I asked Larry to have the technology person show me how to get my dash screen to display the satellite radio stations.  I had renewed my free trial on the day it expired, but Sirius must disconnect in the morning and not wait until the end of the day.  The result was a few hours of not having service.

Once service was restored, I found that only one or two stations appeared in each section (Jazz, Pop, etc.) even though the stations are active and can be manually tuned.  My assumption was that the radio needed to be refreshed.  I has Sirius "refresh" the signal twice with no change.  The lack of display was obviously in the Lexus radio or display system.  I assumed that a person specializing in technology would be able to get the station display to return in no time.

Wrong!  His first explanation was that I had not bought the full package from Sirius.  I don't know, I called them and simply renewed.  I didn't ask for the "cheap" package and I doubt that they sold me one.  He seemed insistent that, because I didn't have channel 100, I had not bought the full package.

Frustrated, I told him I only want the channels that I do have to display and gave him both examples and a demonstration.  Again, the problem was that I didn't buy the full package.

I asked him to exit the car then came around to the driver's side and asked Larry to exit the car.  I owed nothing so I left before what was racing through my mind escaped my mouth.

Essentially, that experience has undone my confidence in the dealership.  It is hard to believe that I was sold a "cheap" package by a Sirius Rep, but it is even more difficult for me to believe that this is the reason that active stations will not appear on the display.

If someone would write me and tell me how to fix this, I would really appreciate it.  I will not work with your specialist, however.

You may have noticed that I have used the word "assume" way too many times in this message.  I suppose this proves that "assume" is, indeed, an acronym.

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How much can a dealership charge?  We are told there may be a short affecting the steering.  We are being told to ONLY take it apart to check the harness will be 6K.  Then another 9 K after testing the harness for part alone- not including labor??

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I'm sorry you're in this situation. We always when we buy cars dealers tell us about all the charms. But when there are problems the good disposition to us evaporates.

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