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Cool Tv Show Comin Up Soon


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I just saw a commercial for an upcoming episode of a TV show that airs on TLC (The Learning Channel, for those of you that don't know) called "Rides". They're gonna put a V8 in an IS300 (the 4.3 liter I presume) B) . I caught that it's supposed to be on at 9e/t but didn't catch the date :rolleyes: Just thought I'd let y'all know; looked pretty cool.

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"Rides" on TLC on the East Coast is on Sunday, Feb 1st at 3:00PM.

The scheduled program this Sunday is: "A Cadillac Coupe De Ville is converted into a full-size, drivable version of the Hot Wheels Deora 2, but the car must be cut in half to accommodate the modifications. Host: Jason Priestly.

I've never seen this program, but I'll be sure to watch it in the future. Thanks :D

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I watch this show occasionally, it is one of those "if you gots lots of money to spend, here is what you can do" type of shows.

The cars that are deplicted are absolutley incredible.

Thanks for the heads up on the IS.


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