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2011 Toyota Avalon Refresh...


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I thought considering the current Avalon's age (last major redesign back in 2005) I was kind of expecting a whole new vehicle...not another refresh. But I guess they don't sell enough of them to warrant one...figured they could have at least tried Direct Injection or something a little more daring to get people's attention.

Overall though, I don't mind the additional tweaks (even though it's still very conservative, if not boring)...especially the back end & dashboard. I always thought the Avalon was a pretty decent value.

And YES...the 2011 Avalon has a redesigned accelerator pedal now with a 'fail safe' feature linked to the brakes.




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It's ok. I'd spend my $35k on a Genesis 4.6, LaCrosse, or Taurus SHO before I'd ever consider one of these. It's just way too dull. There's something not quite right about the center stack design, although it is certainly better than what it replaced.

I would of thought that with the way the new Fords, GMs, and Hyundais are outmatching Toyota, they would have brought something better than this. But, I see it as just another boring offering from complacent Toyota, yawn.

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There is a reason why the Avalon doesnt sell well, its because one can easily buy a ES350 for about $2000 more. My wife had a 2001 Avalon, it was one of the worst Toyota we ever had. The steering is way too losse, we had a hard time keeping the car straight at speed above 65 MPH. The suspension was comfortable at 1st, but after 3 years or so, it was noisy and rough. The interior did hold up pretty well, I still think that the older Toyota and Lexus interior was build with better material than the recent ones. I agree with blake, I would rather buy a Genesis, ES350, LaCrosse, or Taurus instead of the avalon.

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I like it. Get rid of the Camry, ES. I think these two cars are finished. I think Toyota/Lexus is going to have to downsize or their done.

LMAO! You really have no idea what you are talking about. The Camry and ES sell like 10 times more cars than the Avalon. The Avalon is a lot bigger and more expensive than the Camry which starts at $18,000. The Camry is the best selling sedan in the United States. You can't just "do away" with it.

Sorry to be rude...

Anyways...its okay. The interior is a big improvement as is the rear. The front looks just like the Camry, which is a shame I actually thought the front of the Avalon was pretty upscale looking.

Would I buy this over a Genesis or a Taurus? Absolutely not.

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