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  1. Thats pretty bad workmanship by Lexus or should I say their transmssion vendor, Aisin. If I were you, I would ask for a extended warranty on the transmission.
  2. If you are using the on board computer for milage calculation, then that is normal. It always starts out high after a reset and goes down slowly afterward. The on board MPG computer should be use for reference only, manually calculate your gas mileage after each fill up for a more accurate MPG average.
  3. Make that 2. This new design direction for Lexus' front end is a bit troubling to me. Lexus' front ends use to be classy, conservative and simple. This new font end looks busy, aftermarket and radical.
  4. Do you really expect Lexus to test drive your car for 2 to 3 hours? You should calculate mileage manually anyways, the MPG computer on the dash is use for reference only, it’s not very accurate.
  5. The highlander is one big square box as well, its a minivan with a longer nose. I let my 14 year old get away with a lot of things, but choosing what car I buy is not one of them. If they dont want want to be seen with a minivan in school, tell them to walk to school instead and they will start to like the minivan pretty quick I bet :)
  6. The 3rd row seat legroom is pretty good on the Highlander, much better than the MDX. The Pilot is worth a look as well. Tell you 10 year old that most of these 7 seater SUV are basically AWD minivans.
  7. All those mid size SUV's 3rd row seats are for small children or adult on short trips. If you want a full size 3rd row seat, you will need to step up to a full size SUV like the Suburban or maybe a minivan.
  8. Overall, the quality of the Lexus wood is not what it use to be. I remember my first Lexus, it was a LS430, the wood trim on that thing was world class quality and workmanship. The wood trim in the new Lexus almost looks plastic.
  9. I had cars with the touch screen, I-drive, MMI and the Lexus mouse system is one of the best interface I have ever used on a car. Your hand can rest on the center arm rest while you go thru the screens. I am pretty OCD about keeping the inside of my car clean and finger prints on the screen just drives me nuts.
  10. The ES is one of the smoothest riding sedan in the Lexus lineup, I am sorry, but the GS doesnt even come close. Some thinks that the ES rides even better than the flagship LS460. Did you take the GS on any rough road?
  11. And dont forget the finger prints on the touch screen.
  12. The new RX also have a auto AC on and off selection. One of the best thing Lexus did with the new models is that they brought a lot of the customized setting onto the screen so the one doesnt have to go to the dealer to chnage them.
  13. Congrats on the new GS, please post some pics. I got the same impression of the GS as you after my test drive, handling is superb, accelaration need more low end torque. The interior is world class, the exterior design is subjective. The only thing I dont agree on is the ride being smooth, the GS350 had the roughest ride out of those 4 cars and I didnt even test drive the F-sport.
  14. The VSC and Trac lights can mean a lot of things, you need to pull a code off the diagnostic to find out whats going on, usuually, its some sort of sensor failure.
  15. The Infiniti brand, much like Acura, is another lost soul among Japanese luxury car brands. They do not have a flagship model, if the M is their flagship model, they are in big trouble. The M is not a competitor of the LS, the LS is bigger, smoother and much more refined.
  16. I agree, the TL was the was the bargain of the bunch. The sensible side of me wanted to see what the difference is if I try to save $10K. The handling in the TL was as good as some of the higher price cars, accelaration can be better, I would say the built material, workmanship and customer service is what is lacking in the TL. I was a big Honda Acura fanboy 10 or 15 years ago. Its sort of sadden me to see where Acura is today compare to their begining. Cars like the Legend and the RDX were classics, I know they are re-introducing the RDX, but it wouldnt be the same. It seems to me that Acura today is lost with no direction in engineering and design.
  17. I test drove the M37X last year when I was shopping for a new car along with the TL, 535ix, E350 4 matic and the A6. I agree, the interior is top notch. Compare to other car I cross shopped, the M has the worst ride, the suspension way too stiff, but it did not have the best handling to go with that stiff suspension. The engine is pretty quick, although not the quickest in that class. The price was way up there, the one we test drove was close to $60K, a equivalent GS350 or TL would have been about $10K less. $60K is similar to the German conterpart's price range and personally, I dont think the M quite measure up to the German counterparts just yet.
  18. On the RX450h, I can turn the auto recir on and off in the software. If I turn it on, it will act like what the OP said, if I shut it off, the recire will stay where I set it to unless I turn on the front defroster. I think the RX400h doesnt have that option, only the dealer can turn it off.
  19. My wife say the RX is for old ladies.
  20. The G37 is in the same class as the 3 series, not the 5, kind of like comparing apples to oranges. Comparing the interior of a Infiniti to a BMW is like comapring who is the worst of the worst. Infiniti is often refer to as a poor man's BMW and having driven a few of them I can see why. Infiniti and Nissan does have a pretty loyal following here in the US, a few friends of my swears by them, but they are a bit too entry level for me..
  21. Why would you want to buy extended warranty on a car that has a leaky sunroof? If the leak is documented before the factory warranty expires, it should still be covered after the factory warranty expires since the problem was never fix to begin with. I would get this in writing either from your dealer or Lexus Canada, The US Lexus extended warranty covers the Navi and the sound system, not sure about Canada. If we keep our RX450h pass 4 years, we plan to buy the extended warranty.
  22. Sounds like a defect from the factory. If the problem was documented from new, I would call up Lexus ask them for a replacement car. We both know that they will not replace your car, but maybe it will get them moving on the problem. The use of words like lawyer and law suit when talking to them will also help. You can also try to get on Lexus' facebook site and file a complaint about your problem, they seem to pay more attention to facebook than the phone calls now a days.
  23. The drain was the first thing that came to mind as well, but one would think the dealer would have check that out before replacing the seal and the moonroof, but I have seen dealers do a lot of stupid things.
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