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Who's Going To The Super Bowl ?


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It was a great game. I knew going in it was going to be a tight scoring game and that 1 big play could drastically change the outcome of this one. I'm not taking anything away from New Orleans. They deserved to win. They played the better game and are going to the Super Bowl. Which is awsome.

BUT..........Minnisota self destructed late in the third and early 4th quarter. And that late pick cost them the game. By all accounts, Minnisota woulda/coulda/shoulda won.

So in watching that game I think Minnisota exposed alot of things about New Orleans. I really think the Colts have a better defense, and a better running game, and let's face it, a better passing game also. I also think the Colts are better adjusted to this kind of success. The words "Super Bowl" just seems to put a hundred more tons of pressure on the players. This game was at the Saints home. Wait till they have to play with those huge spotlights in thier face at the Super Bowl.

So as you can guess, I'm picking the Colts, 34-20. (If Favre and the Vikings can get 450 yds on the Saints, then I'm pretty sure the Colts can also.)

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Also, can I just ask why it's such a good idea to have the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl? I'm just thinking that if I were on the Colts or the Saints team, the last thing I would want is this dang meaningless Pro Bowl game interfering with my time and focus in any way. And I would especially not want to take any risks of injury the week before the biggest game of my life. I'm sure it's good for the sponsors and people who like to figuring out ways to suck money out of all the simpletons, but I know the teams can't be happy about this.

And with the way they "play" at the Pro Bowl anyway, they should just make this an Awards ceremony like the Oscars or something instead. It's not like they really play hard in that game. It would give all the players another reason to wear all those huge diamonds and gold teeth with slick suits and million dollar cars. We could roll out the red carpets and bring back Dennis Miller to host the show. Then we could watch some highlight reels of the nominated, and all the kids would be able to worship thier idols.

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They played a great game and deserved to win. No controvercial win there. They BEAT the Colts. Great game. Congrats to all the Saints, and thier fans.

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