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Disaster In Virginia


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I took my ls460 to Lexus of Chantilly(Pohanka) to have the fuel rails replaced as part of the Lexus recall.After being there for a day,I called back and was told the check engine light was on and needed to be repaired.I subsequently found out a day or so later that the mechanic had dropped a bolt into the cyclinder and took it for test drive after buttoning it up.I called the service manager who told me that the engine had to be replaced---broken rod and valve/cyclinder damage-- and that it would take 10 working days to complete.Eventually,the short block ,one cyclinder head,and 4 valves were replaced.They returned the car ten days later,as promised.Two days later,i was on my way to the golf couse when the fuel line detached from the engine causing fuel to spray the underside of the car and onto the street.The car was towed back to the dealer for repair.It was returned a day later.No problems since.I was not happy with their fix as I understood that the complete engine would be replaced and not just the damaged parts .I won't be going back there for any service.Nice people,but incompetant.

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I would use Lexus of Rockville or Silver Spring. I haven't had any problems with Pohanka before, but I do know they are the only dealer who;s service department is open 24x7.

I'd say be glad they found the problem and fixed it. If it wasn't a lexus dealer they might have said this is something you did.

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I've learned, no matter how upset you may be with one Lexus Service department, go to another.

Do NOT take your vehicle to a 'Tom Tom' service, such as: Jiffy Lube

... find a Lexus Srvc department you like, get to know your Service manager, negotiate ALL prices!

.. he may have to talk to his bosses boss, but get it done!

You already paid for the damn car ... right? :)

Good luck!


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