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Reed Hunt

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FWIW, when I was looking for a rear liner a couple of months ago, the cheapest I found was at ultimateautoaccesories.com. I'm pretty sure it was a Husky liner, and I they were $75.

I wish there was something made that would cover the entire area with the 2nd row seats folded down, but I haven't really seen anything yet.


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Yep, that's right. The FJ, FZJ, and UZJ designations have to do with engine type. Technically, there isn't a FJ100, unless someone put a 3FE engine from a '91/'92 (or earlier) Land Cruiser engine into a '98 - '04 Land Cruiser or LX 470.

The '98 - present Land Cruisers and LX 470s are UZJ100s.



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i usually get all OEM toyota parts at www.newlexusparts.com

very decent prices. you can also try www.parts.com to find another internet toyota/lexus parts dealer.

good luck

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