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  1. it depends on the year. The newer LCs and 470 take regular. some of the earlier UZJ100 (LCs beginning in 1998) and 470s take premium. All 450s take regular.
  2. I'll work on the full write up for adding 12V outlets. To change your current lighter to go full power, you'll need to do the following: Power from the Battery: 1. You'll want to disconnect the ground (negative/black) cable from the battery while you do all this work. 2. Get aprox 20 feet of wire to power your cig lighter. You'll want a 12 or 14 gauge wire for this. You won't use all the wire, but it would suck to be just a little short in the end. 3. It's not necessary, but it would be smart to add an inline fuse to the this wire. I added mine close to the end connected to the batte
  3. I've added additional outlets on my LX 450 (12 volt). It's a pretty easy/straightforward job. You'll need a 10 or 12 guage wire to connect to the battery. If you're only adding 1 additional 12-volt recepticle (i.e. "cigarette lighter-type" power outlet you can add an in-line fuse. When I added my outlets, I added 2 -- since I was already doing the work... You can get another outlet (recepticle) from Search for Marinco. Here's the link:Marinco 12 volt receptile There are other brands, but this is the one I used. You only need the recepticle, not the plug. I added m
  4. check with the guys at they have a lx 470 that's lifted.
  5. There is nothing special about a LX 450 that precludes you from taking it to a Toyota dealership for serivcing, if that's what you want to do. In some cases, as alanc states, it takes some convincing to get them to work on it, but this is due more to some people's lack of knowledge (that there isn't any mechanical difference between the the LX and LC).
  6. I like mine. The wife likes hers. $16,500 seems like a good price, but prices for these really depend on where you live and the going rate for vehicles in your area. Take a look at the newbie guide here. This is a good place to start. If you want to visit these guys in person, they're just down the road from you in Golden -- assuming you're in Denver. If you have specific questions not covered by the newbie guide or would like more info, just ask. Cheers.
  7. Doh! Ya beat me to the punch Rookie (I can't get this forum to recognize me when I try to post from tthe office). Yeah, just as Rookie states. I'll back up another statement from Rookie being that not all brake pads have the wear indicator, so it's always best to do a visual check. Front brake pad replacement should take about 20 minutes max (for both sides, including removing and remounting the wheels. For the rear, it take me about 30 minutes total.
  8. Just the pads? Or rotors too? Just the pads is a 1/2 banana job -- extremely easy. Want to do the rotors, then you're talking a bigger job. Not all that difficult, just a much bigger job and much, much messier. Please specify how deep you want to go with the brake job.
  9. Yep, that's right. Juggle the ratios to get the size you want. Hope you find a tire that meets your needs. Just as a FYI and for those out there who might not have found this on the 'net yet, metric tires sizes work like this... Using 275/70 R16 as an example: - the 275 is the width of the tire, in millimeters -- i.e. the tire is 275mm wide (aprox 10.8 inches). - the 70 is the percentage of the 275mm that is the height of the tire from the edge to the rim. In other words, the distance from the rim to the edge of the tire is 192.5mm (or aprox. 7.6 inches). - finally, the 16 is the width
  10. Find a spreadsheet (I use Excel) and paste the following in cell 'D': =(((A1*(B1/100))*2)/25.4)+C1 In cell A insert the width of the tire (e.g. 275) In cell B insert the aspect ratio (e.g. 70) In cell C insert the rim diameter (e.g. 16) Cell D will display the tire height in inches. Play with the values in cells A and B while increasing the rim diameter in cell C. If you want the speedometer to not be affected by tire size, you need to remain as close to stock as possible. can just skip all the math and get a Truespeed calibrator to reset your speedometer.
  11. Sometimes it takes a while for one or the other...or both lockers to engage if they haven't been used for a while. The light should stop blinking as soon as the front diff lock engages -- it works just like the rear locker. Find some really loose dirt or a large enough grassy area (the looser the traction the better -- well...within reason...) Once you have the front diff lock engaged, try turning in a circle. The fronts should engage as soon as it senses some loss of traction. When shifting from 4HI to 4LO, you want your transmission in Neutral, then you want to shift your transfer case
  12. I'm glad it worked out well. The first thing I noticed was the vastly improved ride. Have you done the caster correction yet? If not, it's something that you can wait to do. The steering might be a bit squirly, but I know some who still haven't inserted the new bushings.
  13. Contact the guys at Slee Offroad (sleeoffroad link. I recall they were parting out a LC. I think it was a '93, but the hanger should be the same. If that doesn't work out, there are a couple other guys parting out Land Cruisers on this site - IH8MUD. Look in the classified section - For Sale Finally, contact these guys - TAP Recycling - they're probably going to be the most expensive of the group.
  14. Monarch - do you have a LX 450? Just curious.
  15. I wouldn't waste any time with the synth blends. Go full synthetic. It's not much more and you'll get better protection. I use Mobile 1 -- Wal-mart usually has a good price on the stuff -- IMO, it's the only reason to go to Wal-mart...
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