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Need New Outer Door Handle - Where To Buy?


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Driver's outer door handle has cracked in half.

Are there any online retailers to buy these from or am I going to have to buy it from the dealer?

What's the typcial price? ('96)

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You could try a breakers yard for the part or Ebay.com if you can find the correct color.

If you take the dealer route there are some discount online Lexus suppliers (Sewell Lexus for one)

Part number is on this link ( check for the correct color)


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What's the typcial price? ('96)

$83.81 for OEM from http://www.parts.com

Retail is shown as $121.22

Nice! Thanks for the parts # webiste. That will be VERY helpful going forward!

Great price on the parts.com site too.

Much appreciated guys.

At this point, anyone have any DIY guides for replacing these door handles? :lol:

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Just hoping that the '96 model door procedure is the same as the online guide, which I noticed is for 1st gen models.

It's very similar, I've removed my own '92 model and then a '97 for a customer, I don't recall any major differences.

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