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Ls 460 Headroom Issues

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Does anyone have any ideas regarding how to deal with the lack of headroom (caused by the standard moonroof) for tall drivers in the LS460. I'm a little over 6' 4" and find my head hits the roof in the LS 460 even with the seat in its lowest position. I currently drive a LS430 and it has about an inch more headroom. Previouslly I had a 1992 LS400 and a 1998 LS400, both special ordered without moonroofs. Lexus won't let me order a LS460 without a moonroof even thought they are available without moonroofs in Europe.

Can the seat be mounting be modidied to lower the seat? My dealer says this is not possible.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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I have exactly the same problem and I'm exactly the same height. In addition to hitting my head it's hard for me to see traffic lights when I'm stopped at an intersection.

I had the idea of un-bolting the seat from the floor and moving it back. Not sure if anyone ever did that but that would solve the problem and would also give you more leg room which is also a problem for me.

living in New York City, I fly it more than I drive so I just never got around to asking the dealership if they can do it.

I'll be watching to see if anybody else has a better idea.



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I too have the same problem with my LS600; my LS430 was great for head room and it had a sunroof.

I asked the dealer if there was a kit or some other fix, but he didn't know of one. I'd be most appreciative if a solution was out there somewhere.

Has anyone contacted Lexus of American yet?



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If you can believe the official specs, there is only one tenth inch difference between the front head from of an LS430 with sunroof (38.1") and an LS460/LS600 with sunroof (38") -- odd because I feel more substantially more cramped in the driver seat of an LS460 than an LS430. Even the current and past two generations of the Mercedes S-class have less front headroom than an LS460 - I checked.

I'm old enought to remember cars of the 50's and 60's having enough headroom for men to wear fedoras while they drive. My favorite car of that era, the Mercedes 600 "Grand Mercedes" had an incredible 44 inches of front headroom.

Blake918 found a company that supplies seat rails to position the seats further to the rear: http://www.extendmyseat.com/category/extender-brackets/ Maybe they could supply rails that also reduce the seat height.

One of the reasons I'm considering a Toyota Sienna van is for its whopping 42 inches of front headroom and expansive interior. We rented one last year on vacation and loved it. Load up a Sienna to the max with options and it will seem very Lexus like.

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